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A unique global network carefully balanced and managed by NineSigma. Over 15 000 members, tech-savvy industry professionals from multi-national corporations, SMEs and start ups who are passionate about technology and ready to share their insights with you.


  • Find new business opportunities from your technology portfolio. Through OI Council you can get new application ideas and test market potential.
  • Get insights for future vision and technology trends. Create an objective picture by gathering opinions through OI Council.
  • Evaluate a new technology or startup. Ask experts and possible users to evaluate the innovation potential.


  • Managed service: the surveys are designed and analysed for you by NineSigma’s technical team.
  • Quick Feedback: 30 to 50 responses in just 1-2 weeks.
  • Customized: Survey packages and targeted focus groups to fit your needs.
  • Follow Up: Optional expert interviews or in-depth research by NineSigma to turn the ideas into actionable strategies.


“Tap into a dedicated global network of vetted peers across industries. Enhance your decision making by asking your innovation questions to leading organizations before you take action on a new initiative.”


Bridgestone Corporation

Mr. Hideki Komatsu

Managing Executive Officer, in charge of Nest Lab.

To create something new, it is necessary to know what the outside world is doing. A tool to collect external information, such as the OI Council, can be useful for every researcher, to build an unbiased understanding based on the results.


Suntory Foods International Limited

Mr. Teruyoshi Morikawa

Executive Officer

Expert panels such as the OI Council are useful for testing market hypotheses made by our researchers. We believe that the quality of our research will be improved by making OI Council available to each researcher on a daily basis.


Panasonic Corporation Life Solutions Company

Mr. Hideyuki Oka

Managing Director and General Manager of Technology & Solution Division

Open innovation is not only about technology search, but also understanding what our customers want. External comments, such as those from OI Council members, are important for selecting corporate research themes.


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