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Find & Connect

Test ideas and get insights from curated network

Open Innovation Council

A service to get quick insights from a network of qualified industry professionals about: potential applications for technologies to license out, or advice on start-ups or new partner development opportunities.


  • Taps into a dedicated global network of vetted peers across industries.
  • Positions your innovation questions to leading organizations before you take action, commit funding or allocate resources against a new initiative.


  • Get answers to your innovation questions fast and cost-effectively.
  • Rapidly test and gain insights into your day-to-day innovation needs.
  • Assess if your questions align with business strategy.


Advising you on the best course of action

Advising you on the best course of action

By building on thousands of projects and on more than 75,000 connections made for 800 global clients from all industries, we can rapidly assess what is feasible or not in terms of finding solutions outside. We can then define with you the best course of action to access faster and in a more agile way start-ups, expertise, solutions and new partners.

Leveraging our unique approach for technology needs

Leveraging our
unique approach for technology needs

By leveraging our unique experience in addressing complex scientific and technological challenges, our team enables you to rigorously frame your needs and technology challenges to expose them either publicly or anonymously in front of a global community of potential partners and experts from all sectors and domains.

Targeting the right partners for each project

Targeting the
right partners for
each project

Through NineSigma’s proprietary search platform along with our deep and broad expertise, we identify potential partners around the world and access state-of-the-art science and technologies. We take you to a network of millions of researchers and industry professionals from different areas and sectors, from start-ups, SMEs and large companies to academia and labs across the world.

Anonymous reach

Assessing the potential
of identified solutions with you

We provide you with our views on the current characteristics, performance, applicability, and potential of the sought science and technology. By analyzing your needs from different angles, we target useful, customized information to help you advance faster in your innovation projects.

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