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Why Broadening
Your Network?

Open your Horizon

Finding and connecting outside are key for success. Working within your existing ecosystem keeps you in your comfort zone. By identifying risks of disruption, we are creating with you new opportunities to reinvent and grow your business.

Be Comprehensive

High-performing companies work with us on multiple fronts to uncover future growth paths. Agility, speed and exhaustiveness are key to opening up unknown channels of science & technology innovation securing your current and future business.

Manage Complexity

It is critical to find and connect with most innovative players to cope with the increase of complexity and speed of science & technology developments. Expanding your expertise and resources beyond your core knowledge is the best way to connect and secure more collaborations and create impact.

Optimize your Resources

Don’t waste time going around for finding new things, we can do this for you. Focus your brightest resources to increase value where innovative technologies found outside can generate impact on your new products, services and operations.


What We Do

NineSigma’s expertise is to find what may be unknown to you & to connect you to new partners, start-ups, academia, SMEs on a global basis. Through our worldwide presence and our global science & technology network, NineSigma helps our clients transform their business through technology and innovation in a faster, more agile way. We manage your short term needs to quickly internalize solutions while we help you prepare for your long-term needs by identifying radical, disruptive key players and technologies for you.


Executive Team


Akihiko Suwa

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President and CEO
NineSigma Holdings, Inc., NineSigma Asia Pacific
NineSigma North America


Marie Murakami

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Chief Operating Officer,
NineSigma Holdings,
NineSigma Asia Pacific


Dr. Stephen Clulow

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NineSigma Europe
Chief Delivery Officer
NineSigma Europe, NineSigma & North America


Fumiki Nakajima

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Chief Finance Officer,
NineSigma Holdings, Inc.



NineSigma Founded

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), NineSigma was one of the first companies offering Open Innovation services. Needless to say that NineSigma contributed to shaping that industry. Quite early on, Procter & Gamble’s management team grasped the value proposition behind NineSigma’s offering and implemented it into its innovation strategy through what has been called ‘Connect + Develop‘. This initiative was to become a successful program for fostering collaborations with innovators from outside the company’s four walls.

NineSigma? Well, Six Sigma has proven to be a successful approach for eliminating defects in any process. After optimization comes Innovation, hence NineSigma.

Open Innovation

Harvard Professor Henry W. Chesbrough coined the term ‘Open Innovation’ (see Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology. HBS Press. 2003).

What NineSigma had been doing for three years started to draw the attention of a much larger business community, thanks to Chesbrough’s seminal research work.

NineSigma Starts Expanding Globally

In a first effort to globalize its business, NineSigma Inc. concluded an alliance with Nippon Research Institute Co., Ltd. and started operating in Japan through that partnership.

Creation of NineSigma Japan

NineSigma Japan Co. was incorporated in Tokyo and was the first private firm offering Open Innovation Services in Japan.

NineSigma Europe Launched

Continuing its global expansion, NineSigma opened an office in Belgium to propose Open Innovation services to European corporate clients. Quite rapidly NineSigma engaged with great companies like Ferrero, Danone, Siemens, Akzo Nobel, Ansaldo or K+S AG.

Launch of NineSights, our Digital Innovation Platform

Embarking on the digitalization wave, NineSigma opened a first version of its Digital Innovation Platform, NineSights, to connect our clients’ needs to solutions and new approaches proposed by a global pool of bright innovators.


GE & NFL: the Head Health Grand Challenge

The GE NFL Head Health Grand Challenge was a $60 million program that included research and challenges to develop new solutions to help advance understanding of mild traumatic brain injury.

NineSigma structured and organized the Grand Challenge, launching a new offering that gives clients the opportunity to call for radical innovations to solve high aspirational needs and societal issues.

Football players are ready to start.

NineSigma Reinforces its Global Presence

Through an MBO, NineSigma Holdings was created and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. NineSigma Holdings is today the parent company of three NineSigma entities: NineSigma Europe, NineSigma North America and NineSigma Asia Pacific.

This new move enhances the company’s global footprint even more by accelerating its presence in key innovative regions of the world.

Going Forward

With close to 5,500 OI projects managed for more than 800 clients, NineSigma continues to expand and to offer focused, streamlined services.

Our goal is to find what may be unknown to you and to connect you to innovative start-ups, SMEs and large companies, academia and labs.

By doing so, we make your innovation happen in a faster and more agile way.


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