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Why this challenge?

In the middle of 2020, eta plus electronic GmbH, German internationally active company of the IST METZ Group, the market leader in industrial UV technology, challenged a global innovation community to generate ideas of alternative technology applications of Power Converters.

According to eta plus Managing director Dirk Heers: To extend our innovative product portfolio, we started to brainstorm in our company for new technology applications in the field of innovative power electronics.


The expert survey done through OIC network, has resulted in multiple ideas (over 60 responses). One of the respondents, Ambibox GmbH, a German innovative startup, in the area of power electronics, suggested an innovative solution that led to the signing of a cooperation agreement 5 months later.

In 2021 they will start the production of DC-Wallbox – an innovative solution for charging electric vehicles, battery & energy management. Wallbox, the new charging station (11 or 22kW) is designed for use at home. In addition to charging an electric vehicle, it will allow a connection to PV-installation both for energy sourcing and energy storage.

“Having worked successfully with NineSigma in a previous technology project, we considered the possibility of using the OIC to get new ideas in that field. With the support of NineSigma, we were able to get immediate access to interested partners, which resulted in a partnership with Ambibox GmbH. As a result, we are extending our production portfolio for eta plus electronic GmbH. We thank NineSigma for the speedy, pragmatic and innovative support, which we could experience throughout this project.”

– Dirk Heers, Managing director, eta plus electronic GmbH

With eta plus electronic GmbH we have found a partner who complements us and we can combine our strengths for market success. Coming from different market areas and applications, but with similar power electronics technologies, OIC as an open innovation platform helped us to understand this and find the way to come together. Openness, thinking outside the box and being able to share ideas is the strength of these kinds of platforms.”

– Manfred Przybilla, CEO, AmbiBox GmbH



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