Digitalize Beauty Care

Why this challenge?

Shiseido is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and Asia. Owning lots of admired brands available around the world, Shiseido’s mission is to “inspire a life of beauty and culture”.

Shiseido works in its research and innovation effort towards the concept of a holistic, yet personalized, beauty for each consumer.

As such digital innovation, which is today revolutionizing adjacent sectors, like biotechnology and material science, can also play a new role in beauty care. By actively seeking and incorporating such technologies and ideas into its business, Shiseido aims at accomplishing a society that makes people happy through beauty.

Shiseido sought digital approaches and ideas that could possibly enhance, if not replace, the current beauty care experience mostly based on cosmetics products.


The search carried out by NineSigma explored many potential areas, such as:

  • Connected an sensing devices and any use of data obtained from such devices
  • Facial image/ voice recognition and acoustic technologies
  • 3D projection mapping and holography
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • 3D printing and 3D bioprinting
  • Novel and innovative materials

Such technologies would have to be applied to multiple parts of the body, including face, skin, hair, nails, clothing as well as the whole body itself.

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