Qatar Leads the Way in AR/VR Technology Implementation

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies are increasingly finding practical applications across various industries. They offer realistic simulations for scenarios that are either too intricate (healthcare), hazardous (heavy industry / oil & gas), or economically unviable for real-life replication (digital twins or customer-centric issues).

AR/VR has gained traction in gaming, extending into gambling with features like holotables and online casinos. Today, these technologies are serving significant community purposes, meeting demands in educational and social care settings, particularly for individuals with disabilities such as loss of sight, hearing, or cognitive impairment.

Rapid Adoption of AR/VR in Qatar

Qatar is swiftly emerging as a powerhouse of innovation and partnership opportunities in the Middle East. Through initiatives by the Qatar Investment Authority and Qatar Foundation, the nation is bolstering its high-tech campus, SME ecosystems, and forging partnerships beyond traditional Oil and Gas markets.

This article will showcase real-world examples of how Qatari corporations are leveraging technologies, identifying partners through Ninesigma networks, and securing contracts to tap into AR/VR markets.

Each client required a tailored innovation and consultancy approach to pinpoint areas within their specific domain where they would benefit from new technology, identify potential partners to address these areas, and kickstart the commercialization process.

NineSigma employed its expertise in a multiphase approach with Qatar-based corporations, resulting in the following case studies that underscore NineSigma’s proficiency and outcomes.

Case Study 1: Ooredoo Telecom: “Smart Troubleshooting AR/VR Solution for WiFi Applications”

Customer complaints regarding WiFi/router conflicts pose a global challenge, resulting in productivity loss, customer stress, and substantial costs for telecom companies to resolve. Often, engineers are dispatched to investigate issues that are trivial and could be easily resolved by customers equipped with the right information and tools. The innovation challenge was to identify companies that had developed AR or VR technology suitable for implementation on mobile devices, enabling customers to self-diagnose connectivity issues. This approach aimed to alleviate customer stress, reduce engineer callout expenses, and maintain network stability. Through a global search conducted by Ninesigma via a $100,000 Innovation Contest, 15 companies with potential capabilities were identified and contacted. These companies were invited to submit technology-driven business plans addressing key criteria, which were assessed by experts based in Qatar. Following extensive validation, AutoVRse from India was selected as the winner. Subsequently, after a successful pilot phase, Ooredoo and AutoVRse are planning the solution's rollout across Qatar.

Case Study 2: EsHail’Sat: “Remote Telemetry Monitoring for Geostationary Satellites”

Es’hailSat operates two GEO satellites from a teleport located 75km from Doha City. In rare instances of satellite issues, engineers must travel to the teleport (semi-automated system) to address the problem. This corrective maintenance process is time-consuming, taking a minimum of 3-5 hours, and diminishes network reliability, incurring significant costs. Seeking to streamline this process, Es’hailSat aimed to identify a remote monitoring solution based on digital twin AR constructs to instantly address any issues. In conjunction with future innovations around AI/ML techniques, the innovative digital twin constructs would provide mid-to-long-term analysis for engineers, enabling preemptive procedures before faults occur. The key criteria were highly complex, encompassing data telemetry, security requirements, and adherence to US-based EAR companies' compliance. The Es’hailSat team was confident that only early-stage solutions (TRL<4) were currently available and challenged Ninesigma to identify suitable companies, validate, and rate each company's potential. Leveraging our expert network and bespoke consultancy expertise, Ninesigma identified 18 innovative companies with technologies at TRL 3+. The winner, TELESPAZIO from Italy, offered a previously unknown commercial solution that astounded Es’hailSat. Consequently, they have negotiated a multi-year agreement with TELESPAZIO.

Case Study 3: MATAR, Doha Airport Management: “Indoor Navigation Wayfinder for Special Needs Customers”

Indoor navigation in complex environments like airports, shopping malls, and convention centers can present significant challenges for individuals with disabilities, including those with motor impairments, mental disorders/anxiety, and hearing impairments. While simple systems exist for visual impairment, there was a lack of a comprehensive technology solution catering to the wider special needs community. MATAR sought companies capable of developing a visual wayfinding solution based on AR to facilitate navigation through large spaces, including convention centers, shopping malls, educational facilities, and airports. This solution aimed to incorporate an AVATAR assistant and pre-recorded 3D models, enabling individuals to familiarize themselves with navigation routes before arriving at the venue. Ninesigma employed Open Innovation protocols to identify numerous companies developing similar systems or partial solutions through a $100,000 Innovation Contest. The challenge garnered significant interest, with over 80 potential candidates, resulting in 47 high-quality proposals. Following validation, review, including demonstrators and interviews, SITUM from Spain was selected as the winner. Currently, they are at the final stages of proof of concept within Doha Airport, poised to proceed to a larger rollout deal.

NineSigma Expertise

In the past five years, Ninesigma has spearheaded over 25 AR/VR innovation projects across a diverse array of industries. Our clients span global medical devices, pharmaceuticals, marine transport, telecommunications, refractory, airport management, airline travel, nuclear, oil and gas, and energy sectors.

Discover the latest groundbreaking advancements in AR/VR technology and explore how our unparalleled expertise can seamlessly identify and integrate these innovations into your business operations. Reach out to us today to unlock the full potential of immersive experiences and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Contact us at .

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