Inside our Work: Eco-Friendly Packaging

This is the second of a series of work on different topics from different industries.

Today we have managed and run a search for notable start-ups in the domain of Eco-Friendly Packaging. 
 Each finding has also been further qualified with recommendations and second opinions gathered from experts tapped into our OI Council expert network. 

The table below shows a summarized view of the results.

We can of course apply this way of working to your own domain of interest. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss more.

For our clients in many industries we identify promising, innovative start-ups & technologies in specific areas of interest to them or in broader areas that will impact their industry. 

We use our long experience in managing technology projects, in accessing global and deep tech & science networks to uncover new, promising start-ups & technologies.

Beyond our own recommendation, we further qualify each finding with opinions gathered from our OI Council expert network


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