Inside our Work: Automotive industry insight

NineSigma has been involved and dedicated to work on helping several clients to enhance their production, manufacturing, technological advancement, by looking for solution providers using open innovation tools to look for the right direction.

One of the many industries that we contribute to is the Automotive industry. With its many diverse components from manufacturing to production related research, Ninesigma seeks to help clients through their research process by reaching out to 3rd parties experts. To get a better idea about some cases that we have developed in collaboration with our clients can be consulted here, so make sure to check it out.

Our clients needed to seek further ideas in the specific issue or topic they were searching, in order to figure out what type of technology could be applied and sometimes where it would be most suitable to use for.

Moreover, some other cases of projects we worked on with our clients on uncovering of new technologies in EV charging can be viewed here. More projects seeking innovative proposals from solution providers can be read on ninesights.

NineSigma has identified for one case, to what extent the development of blockchain technology will affect the automotive manufacturing industry.

By using the OI council platform, NineSigma managed to help the client to identify the responses that he was looking for. From this, we can mention an electronic Chinese company that gave a snapshot of what role P2P transaction could be of an impact on charging stations.

Another example we can mention, is that we helped the client seek what would be the most significant impact of quantum computing on the automotive manufacturing industry. By making use of the open innovation council platform, different specialist from the fields of the industry could relate to this research topic and provide some insights on how this would impact the manufacturing industries.

These cases resulted in many responses coming from people working in the field or research from China, Brazil, Japan, USA, Greece, etc.

Be sure to check out more by reading an overview on the case studies, learn how can third party outreach can be an opportunity to your business and an innovation expansion in your respective field in the automotive industry.

If you are still looking to expand your research topics, this might be a good opportunity to ask more questions and possibly uncover some topics and areas of interest.


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