Innovating Through a Crisis

Crisis times in particular show how important long term thinking is.

Forward-thinking clients are using NineSigma’s capabilities to keep up their innovation momentum, even as COVID-19 is changing how we all do business. Our connections to new ideas, information, and potential partners can help our clients expand their knowledge and development ecosystem – and we can do it all remotely! Recently, Diane Schepers, NineSigma Operational Manager (Belgium),  sat down with a reporter for AHK Debelux to talk about NineSigma’s Open Innovation (OI) capabilities, and how NineSigma has also had to adapt to the new work guidelines.

Companies that continue their innovation efforts during  difficult times will hold an advantage in the coming months. NineSigma works with clients to minimize the costs and risks of innovation, and to provide knowledgeable support and expertise as clients navigate through these uncertain times.

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