NineSigma’s “Tech Push” Service: Find new applications and market opportunities

In the past three years, NineSigma has witnessed a growing trend for companies to promote their existing technologies within our global network.

This approach can:

  • discover new applications for existing technologies
  • find new business opportunities
  • drive growth in new markets

This innovation practice has become increasingly common among forward-thinking companies. In 2023 10% of our projects used NineSigma’s ground-breaking “Tech Push” service to connect with companies from different industries or geographies and catalyze the adoption of their technologies in new markets


With more than 23 years’ experience, NineSigma has a significant worldwide network comprising over 4 million professionals from various industries, technology domains and geographies. Our program managers and global team of researchers have experience in assessing emerging technologies the finding new applications and unexpected opportunities in different markets.

Key features of NineSigma’s “Tech Push” service delivered in 8 week timeline:

Discover our 2 global Networks :

  1. NineSights
  2. OI Council

Recent success stories underscore the efficacy of NineSigma’s approach:




By offering a collaborative approach and leveraging its extensive network, NineSigma’s “Tech Push” service is poised to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies, drive strategic partnerships, and foster market expansion across industries.

The NineSigma team will be very pleased to learn more about your ambitions for your existing technologies, products or IP and help you find new applications and potential partners in new markets.

Contact us if you are interested learning more about the service at: ​ or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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