Healthier Chips!

healthy potato chips and salt

Why this challenge?

Chips are so tasty, but also… addictive, that is why people love them. However the growing concern for healthier food pushed consumers to demand better ingredients and reduced sodium in food products without sacrificing taste.

PepsiCo was looking for ways to reduce sodium in Frito-Lay brand of chips without losing the salty flavor.

A food need was translated into a pure science question, in order to protect our client’s end application.


A new approach was identified from a Swiss research lab that was testing a relevant pharma application for osteoporosis. This is a typical example of finding a solution cross-industry.

“Designer salt” was created by increasing the salt’s surface area, decreasing sodium levels while retaining a salty punch.

Consumers can still enjoy the taste of chips while ingesting less sodium.

“There are a lot of productive connections out there waiting to happen. What turned out to be a great connection for PepsiCo could have never been predicted.”

Carlos J. Barroso, Senior Vice President of R&D (former) at PepsiCo

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