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Supporting Healthcare Organisations to Uncover Innovative Solutions

Healthcare innovation often comes with high costs as industry experts try to solve challenges. The pandemic crisis has led many countries from different regions to explore innovative solutions, but not all have the means to do so.

Some organisations in the healthcare industry had to turn to public and private institutions for funds, investment, etc, in order to tackle these challenges. As part of our research capabilities and our survey platform OI Council, we have gathered more information regarding the healthcare industry.

Understanding Trends in the Industry

In fact, NineSigma has been involved in understanding the trends and growing the network in the area of Digital Health. We have built our network and capabilities within the field, and collaborated on multiple projects. As we keep seeking innovative solutions from collaborating with many organisations that are striving to leave a footprint in the market of healthcare, we have gathered a few of our ongoing and past projects here and showcase some of our topics.

One of the many projects that NineSigma recently worked on was “Cell-Based Potency Assay for mRNA Influenza Vaccineswhich has shown many interest amongst the research community, thus very interesting proposals have been submitted and are now in the process of getting reviewed.

We have also worked on projects tackling Controlled-release Formulation a technology for Oral Administration/Technology for Human PK Simulation. First, the client required for this project a technology that enables drug release in a limited area for a duration of at least 8 hours (preferably, 12 hours or more) or in the entire gastrointestinal tract. Second, a technology that fulfils a requirement for human PK simulation of controlled-release dosage forms.

You can read more details about the projects and proposals here.

Initiative of “Art Impact 4 Health”  –  Interview

Another initiative we have conducted has been in helping this unique and inspiring initiative “Art Impact 4 Health” developed by Isabelle Wachsmuth. In particular, NineSigma has been supporting the initiative leveraging its significant experience in developing Open Innovation Ecosystem and global Communities. Our collaboration has been presented during an interview realized by Thomas Hugues in its TV Program ECOSYSTEM  introducing an overview on our NineSigma Open Innovation activities and the Art Impact 4 Health” initiative.

To watch the interview make sure to check it out on our channel here.


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