Inspect Critical Aircraft Parts Faster and More Accurately


Why this challenge?

Aircraft production is particularly complex and demanding. Because skilled and careful assembly of inspected components results in a safe and reliable aircraft, every item is individually inspected to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Currently, one of the most critical challenges to GE Aviation is to ensure that the methods used to inspect key components are as advanced as the new technologies themselves.

GE Aviation was in need of inspection technologies that could keep up with their high production rate, yet still accurately verify the quality of the parts.


Capture 3D of Costa Mesa, California, was chosen as the winner and received a $15,000 cash prize and was eligible for a $35,000 developmental grant to aid in collaborative development and refining of their technology.

In total 51 submissions were received from 48 participants from 18 countries.

“The challenge was a fantastic way to broaden our exposure to potential new players and new technologies. Only two of the organizations that participated were previously known to us, and it’s inspiring—and eye-opening—to see such a broad variety of submissions from around the globe.”

Wayne Spence, Chief Manufacturing Engineer, GE


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