The Ninesigma Digital Platform, NineSights, Takes a Fresh, New Design

To better expose our current clients’ projects, NineSigma has decided to completely redesign its Digital Platform, NineSights

NineSights is a fully managed, dedicated cloud-based environment to feature your technology & innovation challenges. Managed by our team of professionals, we actively reach out to global networks for finding new, unknown solutions & partners and connecting you to them.

For simplicity, we have regrouped our current projects into two main parts on NineSights:

  • Our Clients Galleries, displaying the dedicated space we manage for each of our specific clients and featuring their current, pressing needs.
  • Our Thematic Galleries, sorting out per scientific theme the current projects we have for multiple clients, usually run in an anonymous mode. The Thematic Galleries bucket also contains our Prize-Based Challenges.

We have focused the Search function on all the projects that are less than two years old.

NineSights has two main objectives:

  • For our Clients, NineSights is the place where we manage their needs and projects
  • For our Solution Provider communities, NineSights is the place to explore what our corporate clients are actively looking for in terms of science and technology solutions. It is the place to propose your most innovative approaches and solutions to engage with our clients in new projects.

Feel free to contact us if you want to get a better sense of the Digital Platform NineSights and understand how we can help you either promote your projects or provide our clients with your innovation solutions.



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