Sahar Taleb, Omnipreneurship Awards Challenge sponsor, on working with NineSigma

NineSigma spoke with Sahar Taleb of the Al-Dabbagh Group, on why NineSigma was selected to support ADG’s $1 Million Omnipreneurship Awards Challenge. The Challenge seeks innovations that positively impact the environment.

NineSigma was chosen for this important Challenge for a number of reasons: alignment to client values, dedicated team of experienced professionals, expansive technical knowledge, and NineSigma’s connection to a community of Open Innovation providers.

This is the first year that ADG has conducted a global award Challenge,  and working with NineSigma’s Program Manager, Dr. Tom Vranken, allowed for a smooth, seamless process. ADG expects that the Omnipreneurship Awards Challenge will become an annual event, helping to foster innovation around environmental issues into the future.






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