Open Innovation has Evolved and so has NineSigma

To Innovate you can’t stand still, NineSigma has evolved 

Today we are more experienced, we do not sell tools, platforms, projects – we want to understand your challenge and offer a flexible approach, tailored to your needs. A big share of our work is now done in the form of a flexible partnership model, where NineSigma becomes part of your innovation team, we offer you objective advise and solve your innovation challenges using whatever capabilities and tools are required.

30 corporate clients work with NineSigma through our Partnership Program” 

New Global Network of Technology Experts for foresight activities, New Insights, and test hypotheses

To enable our clients to anticipate future technology needs and validate commercial hypotheses we have built a new global network of technology experts. Open Innovation Council is used to get unbiased input into foresight activities, gathering market intelligence, and find new applications for your technology.

“Since 2020 we have run 300 insight projects via Open Innovation Council” 

Open Innovation can be applied to confidential challenges

Many companies still think that open innovation requires sharing with the whole world about your work. For this reason they often miss the opportunity to get external support on confidential topics. Half of our work is never made public, we use discreet and targeted approaches to identify technology and competitor insights, trends and opportunities.

50% of our work is never made public” 

Overwhelmed by the different digital tools for Open Innovation? NineSigma ensure you access the best tools.

There are a tremendous number of digital solutions to support innovation. The choice can be overwhelming. With NineSigma you get access to the best digital tools without having to test them or make a long term commitment to one platform.

We constantly test new tools and enhance our digital capabilities, investing into own data bases and IT platforms, and accessing solutions from 3rd parties.

“Enhanced infrastructure to allow us to identify more start ups with innovative new technologies” 

Open Innovation is not a platform or IT-solution, it’s about the expertise of the people

Despite tremendous development of digital tools for open innovation and innovation management in general, its success depends on the skills of the people who run it. That is why we are constantly growing our team of program managers, recruiting experts in emerging technologies, teaching them best practices of open innovation.

A big share of our work is now done in the form of flexible partnership models, where NineSigma’s Program Manager becomes part of your innovation team. If you want the best people working on your innovation projects, partner with NineSigma.

“In 3 years we’re grown our research team by over 50% and added five new Program Managers in the US and Europe

NineSigma’s Head Office is in Tokyo

Not many people know that our headquarters is in Japan. This has enhanced our access to emerging innovations and companies in Asia Pacific. Many of our European and American clients are using NineSigma’s enhanced connectivity with Asia to get fresh insights and new opportunities from this high tech, high growth region.

50+ Program Managers, Technical Experts and Researchers in Japan and India” 

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