Open Innovation Council (OIC) of Senior Industry Experts

Open Innovation Council (OIC) of Senior Industry Experts

2020 was a year of turmoil due to the pandemic.  Everyone in every industry had to respond to new challenges and changes. Innovation on a global scale has become more significant as a solution and response to our New Normal. Last year, we were able to contribute to our clients’ R&D business strategies because of the insights and perspectives derived from our Open Innovation Council (OIC) experts. Industries such as chemical and metal manufacturers, electronics companies, and others have leveraged OIC to move their internal projects forward. We believe that OIC will continue to play an important role in 2021 for global innovation.


How we define “Senior Industry Experts”

Our OIC members are comprised of experts from across the globe and across industries.  OIC members have a wide range of positions and specialties, such as corporate managers, university professors, and researchers. Thanks to their insights and perspectives for our clients’ issues, OIC enables clients to discover practical solutions at an early stage of technology development.


New and Improved OIC User Experience!

NineSigma is improving the User Experience for both our OIC Clients and our OIC Member Experts. New functionality is being added to streamline the survey development and communication platform to better exchange information.


Message from OIC members

I’m impressed by the diversity of topics of discussion and potential applications for the innovative technologies that have been presented. It is a very worthwhile application of bridging both common scientific knowledge and applications to new technology with potential but yet unrealized translation from POC to actual development and customer adoption. (Director / US / Biotechnology)


I love the idea behind this online community of technology experts providing their feedback and insights to real world problems. I am honored to be part of this community and I really enjoyed sharing my honest thoughts and opinions. I had a great experience, the team is professional, serious and polite. They always made me feel extremely valuable and I simply love that. (Investigator / UK / Electronics)


The selection process of members is the most important thing. OIC selects people based on the expertise and allocates the surveys related to their field. By participating in these surveys, I can not only contribute for the success of others but also update my knowledge. Besides the people are so prompt and promising in giving whatever they have promised. I am 100% satisfied. (Coordinator / Ireland / Biotechnology)


What is OIC?

The Open Innovation Council (OIC) is a platform that allows you to easily connect with global Senior Experts, in some of the world’s leading companies, with cutting-edge knowledge in their industries.


❶ Exit strategy of in-house technology

❷ Entry strategy for new markets

❸ Business phase issues in manufacturing and development


NineSigma gets you answers to your innovation questions rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Our industry experts deliver executive level responses and insights that enable you to assess and advance your business objectives.

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