Newest challenge with Omnipreneurship Awards: Sustainability Branch

NineSigma is happy to be launching the challenge in partnership with Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG) for this year again “Omnipreneurship Awards: Sustainability Branch 2022“.

Tanmiah Food Company (TFC) has launched the third Omnipreneurship Awards Grand Challenge, with the goal of identifying a technological solution to create a sustainable ecosystem across business unit’s areas of operations. Those who have a knack for stretching limits, thinking outside of the box and a desire to build a better world are invited to participate.

TFC are always on the look-out for The Next Big Thing. It is one of the ten golden rules of Omnipreneurship. The Next Big Thing is based on the premise that one must always question the status-quo and seek new ways of looking at things. It is all about doing something faster, more efficiently and with the view of impacting as many people as possible.

The criteria for determining if your proposal is big enough to become The Next Big Thing for the Sustainability Branch Challenge are a set of questions we can ask ourselves:

  • Is it scalable? For a proposal to be The Next Big Thing it has to have the potential and ability to scale.
  • Is it sustainable? It has to have the power to attract support year after year.
  • Is it impactful? It is important that it has a tangible effect, whether solving a problem or changing perspectives on how things are done. It also has to be measurable to ensure that it is having the intended impact.
  • Is it cost-effective? The ability to minimize investment on the proposal, while maximizing return.
  • Is it game-changing? The proposal should disrupt the current ecosystem or model being used for the better.

What is the Challenge?

‘How can TFC feed their poultry while aiming at a nature-positive impact?’

TFC want to challenge the agricultural industry (and beyond) by seeking innovative technological solutions and approaches that allow them to transition from imported corn and soy-based feed towards sustainable, nature-positive and locally produced feed raw materials (especially grains) while maintaining the current quality standards and efficiency of the current poultry growth process. Important to TFC is that the proposed technology/approach/solution should enable TFC to produce the feed:

  • locally,
  • cost-effectively,
  • at industrial scale,
  • in a nature-positive and sustainable manner,
  • while minimizing (international) feed transport,
  • without negatively impacting TFC’s current business activities.

If you’d like more details about the challenge and on how to participate, please visit the page here or reach out directly to:


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