New Opportunity in Telecom Industry – Ooredoo

Through our Open Innovation Gallery dedicated to QRDI (Qatar Research Development & Innovation), we have recently launched two very interesting opportunities in relation to the Telecom Industry.

Ooredoo is Qatar’s leading communications company, delivering mobile, fixed, broadband internet and corporate managed services tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses. As a community-focused company, Ooredoo is guided by its vision of enriching people’s lives and its belief that it can stimulate human growth by leveraging communications to help people achieve their full potential.

More details on the published innovation opportunities:

1. Smart Troubleshooting AR / VR software for WiFi applications

Ooredoo are looking for innovative AR / VR software solutions which enables customers to troubleshoot WiFi or router problems as they occur in real-time with limited support required from an Ooredoo engineer.


The issue is usually easy to solve and does not require any professional intervention, and dispatching an engineer is both time-consuming and puts strain on resources that can be better utilized. Self-diagnosis of the issue undertaken by the customers would be more time-effective than relying on the phone helpline, provided that the customer is guided through troubleshooting.

Ooredoo would like to improve the customer experience and reduce the time and number of calls to their helpline by implementing an AR / VR based software troubleshooting technology which will enable customers to self-diagnose the connection issues via their smartphone cameras and following guided instructions. The software may be standalone or ideally integrated into the existing Ooredoo app for WiFi broadband systems and should run on the existing mobile operating systems (iOS, Android).

Ooredoo is interested in AR / VR technology solutions (TRL 3 – 8) which have been developed for troubleshooting purposes and could be transferred to WiFi / broadband scenarios. Please see attached documents for typical troubleshooting steps.

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2.  Smart Tools for Audio Analytics in IoT networks

Ooredoo are looking for innovative hardware and software solutions which address the increasing need for near –real-time audio data in IoT networks, enabling metrics, predictive analysis, and maintenance.


Audio monitoring can passively provide diversified datasets to be used for machine monitoring, for example, for metrics, single failure detection and audio pattern recognition. When combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, audio systems show a huge potential to perform proactive monitoring, predictive maintenance and real-time intervention.

The principle is to capture audio signals from the environment or an object and analyze the acoustic patterns (e.g. a noise from a running engine). Based on comparison with ‘regular repeating’ patterns or through an adaptive learning approach, deviations or irregularities can be identified (e.g. mechanical bearing noise) and hence consequent recommendations, alerts or actions can be derived.

One target use case is for service and maintenance of equipment such as vehicles, construction machines or elevators in buildings, which is usually done based on regular onsite service visits and time-based usage assumptions (like operating hours). Maintenance that is based on capturing the equipment status or usage information remotely through IoT technologies can greatly improve the efficiency of the services. Any failure, irregularities or usage status will be tracked remotely and allow for reduction of intervention costs and proactive planning of services.

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