Goodbye to the old NineSigma, Welcome to the new NineSigma!

Over the past few years, our team has been working and helping many companies bring new scientific and technological solutions to the market. NineSigma’s mission is to use science and technology to shape the future, contribute to society and meet the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

 As digitalization and technology advancement keep moving forward, we want to stay at the top of our game and innovate in a more sustainable way since it plays a big role in the market today. Ninesigma has been focusing on how innovation can be achieved in a more agile and sustainable way, for that reason new approaches have been developed and put in place in order to achieve this goal. 

 Today, we are able to help companies with technology commercialization and run projects in different formats from public to private. It is important that the approaches that are offered, help you as a customer to understand the current external environment, make the right strategic decisions, connect to new partners, start-ups, suppliers, manufacturers and discover and test new product and service offerings B2B. 

 If you haven’t yet dived into the novel innovation pathways that have been recently introduced, here they are:  

 Accelerate your Innovation: Access worldwide communities of solutions providers through our NineSights platform and research capabilities to find innovative solutions, new partners and fill technology gaps. 

 Shape your Sustainable Future: Find transformational solutions to strategic, societal or sustainability challenges by attracting the most talented and innovative organizations. 

 Explore New Technology Spaces: Anticipate future trends and emerging technology landscapes to make strategic decisions and identify new opportunities. 

 Discover New Business Opportunities: Test new market opportunities, value propositions and business models to create new products, services, ventures and a faster go-to-market strategy with our unique global B2B Networks. 

 Extend your Capabilities: Empower your team with best-in-class innovation methods. 

Partnership Model & Venturing: Benefit from a customized Partnership & Venturing model to develop your ecosystem and manage new collaborations with innovative partners worldwide. 

If you would like to know more, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with a demo call. Let’s connect and accelerate your innovation roadmap together!  

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