Dedicated Open Innovation Webinars on NineSigma’s Youtube Channel

The dynamic innovation ecosystem facilitates the exchange of valuable knowledge among various entities, covering a diverse range of trending industry topics. These encompass but are not limited to the Metaverse, Datafication, Augmented Reality, IoT, Green Hydrogen, Renewable Fuels, as well as innovative solutions for Green Energy Storage and Battery Technologies.

Tackling these topics has generated many interests and talks with different communities in the innovation ecosystems, which has led to the evolution of ideation and problem solving through different project formats.

In fact, workshops and round table discussions generate insightful outcomes with different stakeholders from the innovation community. At NineSigma, one way of connecting and communicating with the communities is through webinar sessions for different purposes.

In this publication, we would like to share several examples of these webinars publicly available on  NineSigma’s Youtube Channel.

For example to showcase one of the many amazing initiatives with clients, a couple of  grand challenge took place and were shared with different communities, where the project topic was presented in details and live Q&A sessions were held  – to know more about it you can watch the webinars below:

Molymet Rhenium Challenge Rhenium in the Generation and Uses of Green Hydrogen

Air Liquide Webinar February 2023 – Decarbonize Industrial Ecosystems

Webinar Omnipreneurship Awards 2022: Sustainability Branch Challenge “Sustainable Poultry Feed”

Another type of content that generated sparks, and important conversation about the need of driving open innovation is by sharing experiences.

As a matter of fact, last year November 2022 NineSigma held the first Webinar, that generated many interesting discussions, especially about partnerships and collaboration.

Drive your Sustainability Agenda through Open Innovation  

Other than Europe, Asia, America, Middle East, Innovation in the Latin America region has been steadily growing over the past few years.

While this might not be a dominating territory in the region, there are several developments and initiatives that are leading the growth of the ecosystem for innovators.

Introducing Open Innovation activities/opportunities in LATAM Region March 2023

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