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Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.


Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.

Update on 9-Aug-18

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Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_024 Groundbreaking Powder Application Technologies PepsiCo seeks novel technologies for seasoning application on fabricated potato chips.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0016_N_008 Improved Port Operations Safety via Vehicle Vision Systems We are seeking novel approaches to improve Port Operations safety, particularly in the on-loading and off-loading of unaccompanied freight for our Ferry and Roll-Off/Roll-On vessels. The ideal solution would work with a broad range of freight types, haulage companies, and vessel types.
Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_023 Powder Sterilization Technologies PepsiCo seeks efficient and effective technologies to sterilize powdered seasonings without impacting performance characteristics.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_002 Translucent Leather or Translucent Artificial Leather-like Foils Yanfeng Automotive seeks a decorative cover stock for automotive interiors that looks and feels like leather but at the same time is translucent to transmission of a specific luminance of a specific wavelength of light.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_001 Reconfigurable Nest to Hold an Assembly at Each Manufacturing Stage Yanfeng Automotive seeks a universal nest that can hold an automotive interior component during assembly that can reconfigure on demand to hold a different-shaped component.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_032 Transparent Glass-like Plastic Yanfeng Automotive Seeks Films/Coatings which could be combined with a transparent plastic (such as acrylic or polycarbonate) to create a glass like part which provides glass like features such as cold touch, chemical and scratch resistance.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_018 Stays Looking Clean Plastic Interior Surfaces Yanfeng Automotive seeks interiors that have the ability to resist dirt/dust/oil accumulation. The Interior surface must always appear to be clean and must appear to be easy to clean.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_024 A Formable Color Changing Light Technology A thin, formable, and tunable light source that can be formed under a decorative surface material to illuminate the printed graphic image on the decorative surface
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0004_N_020 Surface Crosslinking of Polypropylene Copolymers using E-beam Technology Yanfeng Automotive seeks methods to crosslink the surface of polypropylene copolymer, at a controlled depth, using electron beam technology
Innovation Contests 9/13/2018 2018_0122 GE Aviation Assemblies Challenge:Ensuring Proper Assembly of B-Nut Fittings NineSigma, on behalf of General Electric, invites proposals for technologies, processes or methods to ensure that B-nut fitting assemblies are properly assembled and leak-proof.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0015_N_042 The Future of Soft Drinks Packaging Suntory Beverage and Food is looking for solutions to improve the sustainability and radically reduce the environmental impact of their packaging for soft drinks.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0015_N_043 Improving Ribena Signature Packaging Components Lucozade Ribena Suntory is looking for sustainable packaging solutions for Ribena Brand Signature Packaging components: the coloured plastic used for Ribena Minis and the Ribena Carton Straw to adjust to current UK recycling streams.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0015_N_044 Improving the Sustainability of our Secondary & Tertiary Packaging - “Shrink our shrink!” Lucozade Ribena Suntory is looking for ways to eliminate, reduce, or improve the sustainability and/or reduce the environmental impact of the plastic used in both shrink case outers (secondary packaging), and the non-recyclable plastic used to wrap pallets (tertiary packaging).
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0013_N_084 Static dissipative surface coating for large plastic parts Siemens Healthineers is looking for a solution to equip surfaces of large cover parts (2m2) either with a color neutral or white electrostatic discharging (ESD) surface.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0013_N_081 Hardware for people tracking in healthcare environments Siemens Building Technologies is seeking a wristband solution for people tracking in a healthcare environment (for example worn by babies to prevent abductions, tracking of elderly patients or tracking hospital staff). A non-proprietary solution that can be integrated into the Siemens indoor network is preferred.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0013_N_082 Single mode laser diodes for spectral range 759-766 nm Siemens Process Industries and Drives is seeking for a supplier of single mode laser diodes for spectroscopic gas analysis. The laser diodes shall allow the mode-hop free tuning over a range of ? 0.3nm around a center wavelength between 759-766 nm (exact center wavelength to be specified together with the supplier).
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0013_N_083 Indoor and outdoor autonomous or remotely controlled driverless system for materials transport Siemens is seeking a transport system/solution facilitating the movement of high weight and value products in narrow spaces. The solution shall be navigated outdoor and indoor and provide open interfaces, so that it can be easily integrated into open standardized IT architectures.
Grand Challenge 9/20/2018 Air Liquide Scientific Challenge Air Liquide invites submissions from the scientific community to innovate around Essential Small Molecules and develop new applications on three topics related to air quality for the people and climate change for the planet.
Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_032 Novel Protein Sources PepsiCo seeks new and novel protein sources for usage in their snacks and beverages. PepsiCo would like to achieve a protein level that provides a measurable positive impact for consumers while enabling a comparable consumer experience.
Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_037 Multiphase Gas Separation Technology PepsiCo seeks novel technologies for multiphase gas separation to enhance waste heat recovery during dehydration processes.
Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_051 For all Packaging-related Technologies PepsiCo seeks to identify new packaging-related technologies to improve their global operations.
RFP 8/3/2018 3752 Retrofittable Means of Detecting Motor Bearing Failure NineSigma, representing a leading engineering company, invites proposals for technologies that could be used to detect motor roller bearing failure within a piece of machinery, without the need to either open the machinery or modify the design of the machinery and which could be applied to already installed machinery.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0015_N_015 Improved Carbonation As a business, we are continually striving to enhance the experience associated with consuming our beverages and their overall quality.
Innovation Gallery 8/31/2018 2017_0015_N_014 Next Generation Preservation As a business, we are continually striving to enhance the experience associated with consuming our beverages and their overall quality.
There is a need for new types of preservation to support replacing and / or reducing usage of synthetic ingredient approaches for beverage applications.
Innovation Gallery 8/2/2018 2017_0006_N_002 Dry Lubricants suitable for use in a tribological system Subsea7 are looking for novel dry lubricants which can be applied in large quantities to kilometre long applications in a tribological system; in which the sliding interface between steel and nylon drives the fabrication schedule. Reducing the friction enables longer lengths to be fabricated.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0016_N_021 Biofouling Challenge We are seeking novel approaches to keep a ship’s hull continuously clean of marine organisms (prevent and/or continuously remove biofouling).
RFP 7/26/2018 2018_3740 Technology Development Partner for Protecting Skin from Harmful Particulate Matter and Electromagnetic Waves NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar major manufacturer, is seeking a technology development partner (1) for preventing PM 2.5, pollen or other particulate matter from approaching and adhering to human skin, or (2) for blocking electromagnetic waves such as communication radio waves, UV rays and infrared rays (past application for human skin is not required at this point).
RFP 8/17/2018 2018_3771 Electromagnetic Noise Reduction in High Frequency NineSigma, representing a major automotive parts manufacturer, seeks technology that can reduce electromagnetic noise in high frequency. Specifically, anticipated technologies are, for example, active noise filter with small size that can reduce common-mode noise occurring on a mechanically and electrically integrated system for vehicle.
RFP 8/1/2018 2018_3746 Drug Delivery Technology to Transport Middle-Molecule Drugs to the Dermis NineSigma, representing a major Japanese pharmaceutical company, seeks an innovative drug delivery technology to transport a middle-molecule compound to the dermis, which can be applied to treatment of dermatological diseases.
Preferably, a technology to deliver a middle-molecule drug to the dermis is anticipated.
RFP 8/2/2018 2018_3738 Innovative Technologies/Ideas to Replace Existing Beauty Habits NineSigma, representing Shiseido Company, Limited (, who is aiming to be “global beauty company”, is widely seeking innovative technologies that can potentially change current beauty actions and habits, as well as services and ideas based on such technologies. Even for those technologies that are yet to be applied to cosmetics or in the beauty field, submission is actively welcomed if they have the potential to be applied.
RFP 8/2/2018 2018_3761 Health Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water Suntory seeks information or technology development proposal regarding the health benefits of drinking sparkling water. The client is prepared to pay a reward of 500 to 3,000 USD each to applicants who provides information considered useful for beverage development.
RFP 8/20/2018 2018_3763 Non-invasive Measurement of Biometric Information NineSigma, representing Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited (, seeks a non-invasive biological information measurement technology. Specifically, we are looking for a technology that can measure the human blood lactate value or the overall energy consumption of humans.
RFP 8/6/2018 2018_3773 Innovative Technology that Will Enable Breaking Down of Tires into Their Raw Materials NineSigma, representing Bridgestone Corporation (, seeks disassembling technology of different field from tire industry applicable for tires and conveyor belts. Specifically, we welcome proven technology that can disassemble or separate rubber-metal composites for industrial applications, such as commercial products (e.g. electronics, shoes), aerospace, etc. On top of that, Bridgestone has its eye on the future in this request and seeks innovative technologies or idea that can break down the target products and make it recoverable.
RFP 8/6/2018 2018_3751 Food Ingredient to Suppress Elevation of Glucose Levels or Obesity NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar global beverage manufacturer, seeks a food ingredient that suppresses the elevation of glucose levels or obesity. Specifically, the client seeks one of the following 2 types of materials:
(1) Coffee-derived ingredient that suppresses obesity or the postprandial elevation of glucose levels
(2) Food ingredient/food additive that suppresses the elevation of glucose levels
RFP 8/8/2018 2018_3785 Seeking Experts in Plant Enzymology NineSigma, on behalf of a Fortune 200 company, seeks to identify plant enzymologists with significant experience for compensated consultation. Additionally, experts with access to laboratory facilities to perform contract research are highly sought.
Innovation Gallery 8/30/2018 2017_0004_N_041 Flexible, Cost-effective Heating Textiles or Foils Yanfeng Automotive seeks flexible, cost-effective resilient heating system that can be formed and integrated into slightly curved or substantially non-planar interior surfaces.
RFP 8/22/2018 2018_3778 Drug Discovery Ideas to Utilize Technology to Deliver Nucleic Acid to CD206-positive Cells NineSigma’s client, a global pharmaceutical company, seeks potential drug discovery ideas or joint development partner to effectively utilize targeting technology developed by the client for nucleic acid therapeutics. Offers for a trial test using the client’s targeting technology are also welcome.
RFP 8/8/2018 2018_3780 Absorbent for Radioactive Contaminated Water in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant NineSigma, representing Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., seeks a material that can absorb and remove radioactive substances, which will be used in the water treatment facilities in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. More specifically, a material that can simultaneously absorb Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 or selectively absorb Strontium-90 only are welcomed.
Innovation Gallery 8/14/2018 2017_0013_N_091 Explosion proof covers with glass insert Siemens is seeking a explosion-proof cover solution for their products. Important for them is a waterproof solution accordingly to IP65 - IP 68 standard.
RFP 8/22/2018 2018_3782 Gas-Barrier Material to Prevent Hydrogen Permeation NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar manufacturer, seeks a gas-barrier material technology to prevent hydrogen permeation in order to develop a new hydrogen storage technology that can replace the existing one using metal tanks. Proposals for application of a technology that has been researched, developed, and commercialized in other industries are also widely welcome.
RFP 8/17/2018 2018_3790 Request for Technological Information Technology or Service for Future Logistics NineSigma, representing a major logistics company, Sankyu Inc. (, seeks an innovative technology or service which can solve obvious or potential issues in logistics industry and change the business mode of logistics and employees’ work style. A concept level proposal also welcomed.
RFP 8/31/2018 2018_3804 Early Stage Drug Discovery Project Using a New Drug Discovery Underlying Technology NineSigma, representing a Japanese leading pharmaceutical company, seeks drug discovery projects which make use of any of the following drug discovery underlying technologies and which are in a hit discovery stage. It is preferable that the research has already started; however, proposals are welcome also from an organization with plans to start a specific project in the future. The client aims to build a drug discovery platform, which is globally competitive, through collaboration with partners.
The client can provide opportunities, depending on the R&D stage and the business plan of partners, and hopes not only to foster joint research and development, but also to maximize outcome creation by licensing, support with budget, etc. to support improvement of underlying technology.
RFP 9/12/2018 2018_3801 Development Partner for Part of Next-generation Medical Balloon Catheters NineSigma, representing a multi-billion-dollar medical instruments manufacturer, is looking for development partners to realize next-generation balloon catheters. The main development object involves balloon parts that act as components for balloon catheters. The client seeks technology that resolves the challenges of pressure resistance, flexibility, etc., and that is applicable to the field of medical instruments. The client also widely welcomes materials, structural designs, manufacturing methods, etc., that are used in other fields

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