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Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.


Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.

Update on 19-June-18

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Grand Challenge 7/11/2018 Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge - Challenge Phase The Ohio Third Frontier invites submissions to the second phase of the Challenge for technology solutions to alleviate the national opioid crisis. The second phase consists of four Challenge Topics that address specific unmet needs or concerns related to opioid use, abuse, and exposure.
Innovation Gallery 9/28/2018 2017_0001_N_024 Groundbreaking Powder Application Technologies PepsiCo seeks novel technologies for seasoning application on fabricated potato chips.
Innovation Gallery 7/30/2018 N385856 Improved Port Operations Safety via Vehicle Vision Systems We are seeking novel approaches to improve Port Operations safety, particularly in the on-loading and off-loading of unaccompanied freight for our Ferry and Roll-Off/Roll-On vessels. The ideal solution would work with a broad range of freight types, haulage companies, and vessel types.
Innovation Gallery 7/27/2018 N486160 Powder Sterilization Technologies PepsiCo seeks efficient and effective technologies to sterilize powdered seasonings without impacting performance characteristics.
Innovation Gallery 7/27/2018 N977810 Novel Protein Sources PepsiCo seeks new and novel protein sources for usage in their snacks and beverages.
RFP 8/31/2018 N586415 Translucent Leather or Translucent Artificial Leather-like Foils Yanfeng Automotive seeks a decorative cover stock for automotive interiors that looks and feels like leather but at the same time is translucent to transmission of a specific luminance of a specific wavelength of light.
RFP 8/31/2019 N686008 Reconfigurable Nest to Hold an Assembly at Each Manufacturing Stage Yanfeng Automotive seeks a universal nest that can hold an automotive interior component during assembly that can reconfigure on demand to hold a different-shaped component.
RFP 8/31/2018 N067467 Transparent Glass-like Plastic Yanfeng Automotive Seeks Films/Coatings which could be combined with a transparent plastic (such as acrylic or polycarbonate) to create a glass like part which provides glass like features such as cold touch, chemical and scratch resistance.
RFP 8/31/2018 N762517 Stays Looking Clean Plastic Interior Surfaces Yanfeng Automotive seeks interiors that have the ability to resist dirt/dust/oil accumulation. The Interior surface must always appear to be clean and must appear to be easy to clean.
RFP 8/31/2018 N342009 A Formable Color Changing Light Technology A thin, formable, and tunable light source that can be formed under a decorative surface material to illuminate the printed graphic image on the decorative surface
RFP 8/31/2018 N779735 Surface Crosslinking of Polypropylene Copolymers using E-beam Technology Yanfeng Automotive seeks methods to crosslink the surface of polypropylene copolymer, at a controlled depth, using electron beam technology
RFP 5/18/2018 6372949 Seeking Experts Who can Help Support the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge NineSigma will host a webinar for each of the four Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge Topics. We seek experts who can participate as guest speakers in the webinar, or who can participate as third-party evaluators who will help select winning submissions for the four Topics.
Innovation Gallery 6/30/2018 N686774 Operator table for a digital mammography system with radiation protection Siemens Healthcare is seeking a supplier to design and build an enhanced operator table for a mammography system. The solution should provide space for a PC, two monitors (one turnable) and the control elements of the mammography system and the PC. It shall have an adjustable height to have an ergonomic working height. The table must have a radiation protection shield for the user.
Innovation Gallery 6/29/2018 N087214 Patient weight measurement system to be integrated into medical equipment / patient tables Siemens Healthcare is seeking a subsystem solution to be integrated into medical equipment (for example patient tables) which can measure or deduce the patient weight by either (1) complying with norm MID (Measurement Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU, “scale for medical purpose”) or (2) not using gravitational effects.
Innovation Gallery 5/31/2018 N987073 Proven Systems for Predicting Maintenance of Building Services Equipment Siemens is seeking partners with proven systems for predicting maintenance of building services equipment. The system should enable predictive maintenance of building services equipment, increase customer satisfaction and decrease operating costs. Siemens is seeking partners with solutions that have already been used, shown to be effective and can be implemented in a mass roll out at multiple sites easily.
RFP 6/4/2018 0374958 Quantitative, Non-Destructive Weld Inspection NineSigma, on behalf of a global Tier 1 automotive company, invites proposals for groundbreaking technologies capable of quantitatively and non-destructively evaluating welds, both internally and externally. Of particular importance, the technology must be capable of detecting and measuring the transition between base material and the weld itself.
RFP 6/6/2018 2374762 Waste Stream Alchemy NineSigma, on behalf of a global specialty chemical manufacturer, invites proposals for the identification of new waste streams that can be converted to source materials for the specialty chemical industry. NineSigma?s client is also interested in learning about innovative technologies that could assist with the conversion of these waste streams into functional chemicals.
RFP 6/8/2018 8374258 High-Accuracy Inspection for Bevel of Injection Needles NineSigma, representing a multi-billion dollar major medical device manufacturer, is seeking high-accuracy inspection technologies for bevel of injection needles. In particular, we welcome inspection technologies that can capture variations in extremely minute cross-sections of injection needle bevel to judge products if normal or defective.
RFP 6/8/2018 9373922 Highly-Wetting Water Droplet by Tiny Amount of Additive NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar manufacturer, is looking for an additive, e.g. surfactant, which contributes to highly-wetting water droplet with only a tiny amount dissolved. The client?s ultimate goal is to apply the prospective additive to rinse agent of dishwashers for high-speed drying of washed dishes. Therefore, the client expects proposals on various material technologies, not only for highly-wetting but also for highly-sliding droplet on surface, which end up yielding rapid drying of water.
Innovation Gallery 6/29/2018 N786664 Novel drugs or targets to treat polycystic kidney disease GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) seeks a novel drug or target to treat polycystic kidney disease.
Innovation Gallery 6/29/2018 N086582 Novel targets implicated in the pathogenesis of diseases associated with aging GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) seeks novel targets implicated in the pathogenesis of diseases associated with aging. GSK is searching for evolving science and recent discoveries in the biology of aging with the aim of developing new drugs that can satisfy high unmet need in chronic diseases of aging.
RFP 6/20/2018 0374168 Real-time Integration of Component Geometry and NDE Measurements in an Augmented Reality Environmen NineSigma, on behalf of the Electric Power Research Institute, invites proposals for a reliable method or technology for the real-time coordination and display of surface geometry, probe position, and NDE measurements in an augmented reality environment.
RFP 6/15/2018 2018_3710 Cotton Based Fabrics with Superior Wash Durability NineSigma, representing a global textile manufacturing company, invites proposals for the development of a cotton based fabric having superior wash durability in terms of shape retention, pilling performance and color retention. The target market is basic men?s underwear (boxer shorts, briefs, trunks).
RFP 6/20/2018 2018_3722 Naturally-derived Biodegradable Polymers NineSigma, on behalf of a global specialty products manufacturer, seeks to identify suppliers of a natural, biodegradable, polymer to serve as a protective barrier for the client?s products.
RFP 6/22/2018 9375099 Image Guided Injection System to Deliver Drugs to Tumors NineSigma, representing a large global pharmaceutical company, invites proposals for an image guided injection system to guide a needle to suitable injection site within a tumor and then deliver a small volume of drug to the tumor. The system should work with skin lesions and / or deeper tumors.
RFP 7/6/2018 2018_3751 Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant NineSigma, representing Synthos SA, one of the world's leading producers of expanded polystyrene (EPS), invites proposals for suitable halogen-free compounds which, when added to EPS during the manufacturing process, will impart flame retardant properties.
RFP 7/6/2018 2018_3737 Anti-Icing Surface Treatment for Aluminum NineSigma, representing a leading consumer goods manufacturer, invites proposals for solutions or technologies that prevent ice formation and the further accumulation of ice on aluminum surfaces in a protected environment.
RFP 7/12/2018 2018_3723 Technologies for 2-D and 3-D Projections NineSigma, representing a leading consumer goods manufacturer, invites proposals for technologies that allow 2-D and 3-D images/movies to be viewed without requiring a screen or display (e.g. holography).
Innovation Contests 9/13/2018 2018_0122 GE Aviation Assemblies Challenge:Ensuring Proper Assembly of B-Nut Fittings NineSigma, on behalf of General Electric, invites proposals for technologies, processes or methods to ensure that B-nut fitting assemblies are properly assembled and leak-proof.
6/18/2018 Suncor Academic Forum on Transformational Technology for Energy Systems Call for Abstracts Suncor Energy Inc. (Calgary, Canada) is seeking researchers from academia, government and private labs, and technology developers with novel pre-competitive stage technology from around the world to submit abstracts to the inaugural Suncor Academic Forum on Transformational Technology for Energy Systems.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0015_N_042 The Future of Soft Drinks Packaging Suntory Beverage and Food is looking for solutions to improve the sustainability and radically reduce the environmental impact of their packaging for soft drinks.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0015_N_043 Improving Ribena Signature Packaging Components Lucozade Ribena Suntory is looking for sustainable packaging solutions for Ribena Brand Signature Packaging components: the coloured plastic used for Ribena Minis and the Ribena Carton Straw to adjust to current UK recycling streams.
Innovation Gallery 7/31/2018 2017_0015_N_044 Improving the Sustainability of our Secondary & Tertiary Packaging - “Shrink our shrink!” Lucozade Ribena Suntory is looking for ways to eliminate, reduce, or improve the sustainability and/or reduce the environmental impact of the plastic used in both shrink case outers (secondary packaging), and the non-recyclable plastic used to wrap pallets (tertiary packaging).

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