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Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.


Please check technical needs from major companies around the world.

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Innovation Gallery 12/31/2018 2017_0001_N_024 Groundbreaking Powder Application Technologies PepsiCo seeks novel technologies for seasoning application on fabricated potato chips.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2018 2017_0001_N_023 Powder Sterilization Technologies PepsiCo seeks efficient and effective technologies to sterilize powdered seasonings without impacting performance characteristics.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_002 Translucent Leather or Translucent Artificial Leather-like Foils Yanfeng Automotive seeks a decorative cover stock for automotive interiors that looks and feels like leather but at the same time is translucent to transmission of a specific luminance of a specific wavelength of light.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_001 Reconfigurable Nest to Hold an Assembly at Each Manufacturing Stage Yanfeng Automotive seeks a universal nest that can hold an automotive interior component during assembly that can reconfigure on demand to hold a different-shaped component.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_032 Transparent Glass-like Plastic Yanfeng Automotive Seeks Films/Coatings which could be combined with a transparent plastic (such as acrylic or polycarbonate) to create a glass like part which provides glass like features such as cold touch, chemical and scratch resistance.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_018 Stays Looking Clean Plastic Interior Surfaces Yanfeng Automotive seeks interiors that have the ability to resist dirt/dust/oil accumulation. The Interior surface must always appear to be clean and must appear to be easy to clean.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_024 A Formable Color Changing Light Technology A thin, formable, and tunable light source that can be formed under a decorative surface material to illuminate the printed graphic image on the decorative surface
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_020 Surface Crosslinking of Polypropylene Copolymers using E-beam Technology Yanfeng Automotive seeks methods to crosslink the surface of polypropylene copolymer, at a controlled depth, using electron beam technology
Innovation Gallery 11/30/2018 2017_0001_N_032 Novel Protein Sources PepsiCo seeks new and novel protein sources for usage in their snacks and beverages. PepsiCo would like to achieve a protein level that provides a measurable positive impact for consumers while enabling a comparable consumer experience.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2018 2017_0001_N_037 Multiphase Gas Separation Technology PepsiCo seeks novel technologies for multiphase gas separation to enhance waste heat recovery during dehydration processes.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2018 2017_0001_N_051 For all Packaging-related Technologies PepsiCo seeks to identify new packaging-related technologies to improve their global operations.
Innovation Gallery 12/31/2019 2017_0004_N_041 Flexible, Cost-effective Heating Textiles or Foils Yanfeng Automotive seeks flexible, cost-effective resilient heating system that can be formed and integrated into slightly curved or substantially non-planar interior surfaces.
Grand Challenge 12/12/2018 2018_0061 K+S Brine Challenge NineSigma, representing K+S, invites participants to submit proposals for the Brine Challenge. The goal is to find materials, coatings or any other material technology that can strongly reduce the brine production and/or protect the tailings from rainfall. The solutions ideally allow for permanent reduction/elimination of brine runoff.
Innovation Gallery 9/30/2019 2018_0091_N_001 EnzoMeal ® EnzoMeal®, an improved soybean meal, removes oligosaccharides and increases crude protein. EnzoMeal® represents a breakthrough product for use in commercially derived feed in a high value, well-recognized aquaculture species such as rainbow trout. Efforts to find suitable, more sustainable replacement proteins for fish meal have intensified, and the need to increase the inclusion levels of soybean meal in aqua feed formulations has escalated as well. EnzoMeal® provides aquaculture farmers a sustainable, long-term, economically viable healthy solution.
Innovation Gallery 9/30/2019 2018_0091_N_022 Soy-PK Resin OSC seeks organizations interested in using soy-PK, a soy-based resin, in commercial applications such as adhesives, coatings, plastics, and elastomers.
Innovation Gallery 9/30/2019 2018_0091_N_011 Funding for Commercial Companies to Develop Soy-Based Products If your organization is looking into using soybeans in a new product, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) wants to talk to you.OSC offers funding to commercial entities, from start-ups to large corporations, developing soy-based products, including both food and non-food applications. Several enterprises have gotten a leg up, thanks to OSC funding, connections, experience, and promotional support (see Background for examples). OSC seeks to broaden its collaborations to support new innovative concepts that leverage the soybean’s versatility.
Innovation Gallery 2/15/2019 2018_0091_N_021 Seeking Industrial Applications for High-Oleic Soybean Oil The Ohio Soybean Council seeks collaborators interested in co-developing industrial applications using high-oleic soybean oil.
Innovation Gallery 12/21/2018 2018_0091_N_002 Seeking Manufacturer for Soy-Based Resin The Ohio Soybean Council seeks partners who can manufacture scaled quantities of Soy-PK resin to enable supply of lab-scale and pilot scale quantities.
Innovation Contest 1/16/2019 2018_0162 Recycling in Space Challenge:
Waste Handling in a Microgravity Environment
The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks proposals for technologies and systems that will, in a microgravity environment, store & transfer logistical mission waste to a thermal processing unit for decomposition. The technology will improve the environmental footprint of future human spacecraft. NASA is interested in proposals for all technologies capable of meeting the desired performance criteria and proposals from all qualified respondents, including university students.
Innovation Contest 1/31/2019 2018_0172 Transforming the Future of Self-Care Challenge To sustain one‘s competitive advantage, a company needs to reduce development times and often that means finding solution from outside the company in other fields. Innovation Contests enable a sponsoring company to quickly identify a community of innovators who can focus on their specific technology challenge and provide solutions that can be acted upon, including working prototypes.
An Innovation Contest employs integrated marketing and PR elements to signal to the global innovation community that the sponsoring company is committed to advancing their technology solutions and is open to collaboration.
 Topic 1: Digital Health Technologies >>
 Topic 2: At-Home Diagnostics >>
 Topic 3: Formulation Technologies >>
RFP 11/28/2018 2018_3845 Environmentally-Friendly Approaches for Prevention of Carbon Steel Corrosion in Open Recirculating Cooling Water Systems A leading company in water treatment and processing invites proposals for technologies that enable a non-phosphorus (non-P), non-metal (no Zn, Sn, or Mo) solution for prevention of carbon steel corrosion in open-loop water cooling systems. The proposed system must perform as well as current benchmark chemical programs containing phosphorus and zinc for corrosion control.
RFP 11/30/2018 2018_3882 Fast Growing Trees for Russian Moderate and Extreme Continental Climate Regions NineSigma, representing Ilim Group, the largest pulp and paper company in Russia and one of the leaders globally, is looking for technologies that allow trees to grow faster in the northern moderate regions (Arkhangelsk region) and extreme continental regions (Irkutsk region). Approaches should allow trees to develop a suitable wood quality and be harvest ready within 15 (preferably) to 40 years after planting. Late stage developed technology is highly desirable.
RFP 11/30/2018 2018_3883 Technologies to Produce Fuel from Biomass Waste NineSigma, representing Ilim Group,the largest pulp and paper company in Russia and one of the leaders globally, invites proposals for technologies that can cost-efficiently produce fuels like fuel oil (heating oil) and diesel from biomass (wood waste including logging, bark, saw-dust waste, and sludge). Preference is for mature technologies that can rapidly be integrated into the client's operations.
RFP 11/30/2018 2018_3862 Controlled Sustained Release Mechanisms for Hydrogels NineSigma, representing a Global Leader in medical devices, invites proposals for technologies that can be incorporated into, or onto, a hydrogel material to sustain release of polysaccharides from the surface of a medical device such as an ocular insert under specific conditions, and only when triggered by these conditions. The proposed approach must fulfill the condition that the device will be stored in aqueous media, potentially for an extended period of time, prior to use.
Innovation Gallery 12/12/2018 2017_0013_N_122 IoT Sensor Node for the Process Automation with ATEX Zone 1 Approval Siemens Process Instrumentation is seeking a Multi-Sensor Node which is ready for ATEX Zone 1 with a flexible architecture design. The aim is to address the emerging new markets based on IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) in the process automation. This involves monitoring and optimization of already installed assets in the brownfield, for example by services based on predictive maintenance.
Innovation Gallery 12/12/2018 2017_0013_N_131 IoT Smart Measurement Sensor Siemens Process Instrumentation is seeking a distance/filling level sensor solution which is battery powered and explosion protected (ATEX Zone 1). The aim is to address the emerging markets based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the process automation. This involves monitoring and optimizing of inventory in the process automation. Here, the distance to dry dusty solids and liquids has to be measured.
Innovation Gallery 12/7/2018 2017_0013_N_132 Battery Pack with Balancing Electronics Siemens is seeking a 24V - LiFePO4-battery pack with balancing and protection electronics in an overall plastic enclosure with approximately 1…3Ah
Innovation Gallery 12/3/2018 2017_0013_N_133 Spherical Filling Material for Epoxy Resin Siemens is searching for a material which fulfils the following specifications:
・Specific particle size standard distribution d(0,1)=150μm, d(0,5)=300μm, d(0,9)=500μm
・Specific materials: aluminium oxide (>98%) or magnesium oxide (>=98%) or boron nitride (>=98%)
RFP 12/6/2018 2018_3871 Hollow Nanoparticles with High Hollowness and Good Dispersion NineSigma, representing a major chemical manufacturer, seeks a technology for synthesis of hollow nanoparticles with high hollowness and good dispersion in organic solvents. Proposals for nanoparticles of any material will be widely sought as long as the requirements of the hollowness and dispersion in organic solvents are met.
RFP 12/10/2018 2018_3848 Drug Discovery Partner for HIV Eradication NineSigma, representing a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, seeks a partner with a drug discovery strategy for the eradication of HIV or one having related technology.
RFP 12/10/2018 2018_3863 Partner for Business Using Elastic Electrical Wire "ROBODEN?" NineSigma, representing Asahi Kasei Corp. (, seeks a business partner that makes use of “ ROBODEN ™ ”, the world’s first elastic electrical wire successfully developed by Asahi Kasei.
Innovation Contest 3/20/2019 2018_0171 Consider Corn Challenge II:
More New Uses for Field Corn as Feedstock for Making Sustainable Chemicals
NineSigma, on behalf of The National Corn Growers Association, invites proposals for new uses of field corn as a feedstock for producing sustainable chemicals with quantifiable market demand.
RFP 12/16/2018 2018_3826 Minimizing Yellowing in a Prepolymer Blend NineSigma, on behalf of a global materials company, invites proposals for expertise, technology, or methods to solve a chemical interaction that causes yellowing of a liquid prepolymer blend.
Innovation Contest 1/22/2019 2018_0181 Advanced Microelectronics Design and Prototype Challenge Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), in partnership with AFWERX, is launching the Advanced Microelectronics Design and Prototype Challenge. The Challenge will be seeking successfully designed and silicon-validated Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and System on a Chip (SoC) solutions using advanced process technology nodes.
We are looking for products or solutions that effectively demonstrate the benefits of utilizing state of the art ASIC and SoC capabilities offered by commercial industry (size reduction, 100x to 1000x performance improvements) while maintaining the integrity (provenance, traceability) and security needs (information protection, mathematical algorithms) of critical systems.
RFP 12/17/2018 2018_3895 Additives to Accelerate Solidification or Crystallization of Plastics Usable at Above 270℃ NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar leading parts manufacturer, seeks additives or nucleating agents that have heat resistance of more than 270°C and that can accelerate the solidification or crystallization of plastics. The client intends to use these additives for cooling processes after molding glass fiber-reinforced polyamide plastics.
RFP 12/16/2018 2018_3893 Development Partner for Testing Instrument to Measure Yarn Tension NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar manufacturer in clothing industry, seeks a development partner for a testing instrument to measure yarn tension of weaving machinery. Specifically, the client aims at tension measurement of every single piece of yarns disposed at a density of 6 pieces/cm. Proposals for a technology that has not been applied to textiles and will require additional development are also welcome.
RFP 12/19/2018 2018_3891 artner for Switchable Dimming Film from Black to Transparency NineSigma, representing a major material manufacturer, seeks partners to develop a switchable dimming film that changes from a natural black (dark gray) color to transparency. We particularly expect technologies that enable the active modulation of black color and transparency. An elemental technology or film formation technology are also welcomed.
RFP 12/21/2018 2018_3889 Sound Insulation, Sound-Absorbing, or Vibration-Damping Material Highly Effective in Low-Frequency Band NineSigma, representing a major automotive manufacturer, seeks lightweight sound insulation, sound-absorbing, or vibration-damping material that is highly effective in the frequency band of 1,000 Hz or less. We welcome a wide range of proposals from academia to manufacturers which have development capabilities.
RFP 12/20/2018 2018_3887 Natural Agent with Antimicrobial or Bacteriostatic Activity against Molds and Yeasts NineSigma, representing a multibillion-dollar global beverage manufacturer, seeks a natural agent with an antimicrobial or bacteriostatic activity against molds and yeasts, as well as its derived component. The client ultimately wishes to apply the sought agent to beverage development; however, proposals for an agent that has been proven applicable not only to beverages, but also to food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics are welcome from a wide range of industries.
RFP 12/11/2018 2018_3885 Microencapsulation technologies for hair-care ingredients NineSigma, representing a leading manufacturer with sales of ten billion dollars, seeks microencapsulation technologies capable of extended release of hair-care ingredients. The Client look forward to a wide-range of proposals used in different fields such as DDS technology of pharmaceutical products and foods in addition to technologies that are already being applied to hair-care ingredients. They would like to select promising materials through sample tests.
RFP 1/4/2019 2018_3906 Seeking Cotton/Cottonlike Materials with Superior Wash Durabilit NineSigma, representing MAS Holdings, a global apparel and textile manufacturing company, invites proposals for cotton or cotton-like materials that have a cotton or softer handfeel and that offer superior wash durability in terms of shape retention, pilling performance, and color retention. Suitable materials can be based on cotton, other natural fibers, or synthetic fibers. Preference is for materials that can rapidly be introduced to the market; the target market being basic men's underwear (boxer shorts, briefs, trunks).
RFP 12/26/2018 2018_3897 Technology and Ideas to Enhance Resolution of Smartphone Photographs NineSigma, representing Shiseido* (, seeks image processing technologies and ideas pertaining to enhance resolution of images of skin surfaces taken by a smartphone camera. We are aiming to implement proposed technologies and ideas on commercial products (apps), which are due to be released in 2020.
RFP 12/26/2018 2018_3900 Technology to Measure Skin Moisture, Color, Surface Shape, and Elasticity by Facial Image Analysis NineSigma, representing Shiseido* (, seeks an image analysis technology to measure any one of skin moisture, color, clarity/complexion, surface shape, and elasticity/resilience of skin. While Shiseido hopes to apply this technology to facial images in the future, its aim with this request includes technologies and approaches from different technological areas.
RFP 12/26/2018 2018_3902 Facial Image Analysis Technology to Measure Sebum, Melanin Levels, Pigmentation or Cell Turnover NineSigma, representing Shiseido* (, seeks a photographic image analysis technology that can enable measurement of any one of indices such as sebum, melanin levels, pigmentation, or cell turnover in facial skin. Shiseido believes that many such technologies have already been developed and implemented and hopes to receive proposals from organizations with experience in this area.

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