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The CEO's Guide to the Grand Challenge

The CEO’s Guide to the Grand Challenge: Focusing a Visionary Organization with a Grand Challenge Contest delivers a practical guide to help organizations solve the world’s biggest issues by rallying a company’s resources around a common vision in collaboration with the world’s foremost experts and scientists.

Head Health Challenge II

Head Health Challenge II aims to develop new system designs or materials that can quantify head impact in real time, monitor indicators of traumatic brain injury and protect the brain from injury. This two-year, $10 million partnership aims to improve the safety of athletes, members of the military and society overall.

Infographic: 6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Grand Challenge

A Grand Challenge is a highly-visible, strategic program that invites the world's best minds to apply their technical or scientific talent to a problem of world-wide significance facing mankind. It furthers the visibility, and the legacy of the organizations involved and makes a lasting impact on humanity. View this infographic for the six essential questions that every CEO must ask before starting a Grand Challenge.