Innovation thought leader Paul Sloane said, “If you want your firm to be more innovative then plan for innovation, resource for innovation and train for innovation.” Innovation is about connecting the right ideas with the right resources at the right time to solve the right problem. It is a collaborative process and requires a multidisciplinary approach to bring people together to share insights, ideas and processes.


NineSigma’s extensive experience in open innovation has allowed us to develop specialized workshops and training programs that can enhance your team’s performance and help you achieve the results you need. These sessions can take the form of one-on-one coaching, team workshops or developing new innovation processes where we work to transfer our best practices methodology to your organization.

You should consider workshops and training to develop:

  • Your team’s skills in defining innovation problems, framing challenges for internal and external audiences, managing open innovation processes and interacting with solution providers
  • Effective open innovation programs
  • Collaboration programs to engage employees across your company to solve your challenges

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Educational Webinars Featured: Open Innovation - The 30 Minute How-to Guide Series


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