A successful technology search begins with need articulation. NineSigma has developed a proven approach to solution identification by stating a need in a way that attracts new, and often unexpected, solutions from providers across industry verticals. This is how we’ve been able to find dairy solutions for an automotive client, candy-dispensing technology for an appliance manufacturer, and medical research that can be applied to an industry-wide snack food issue. These are just a few unexpected connections we’ve made.


A key benefit of the Technology Search is that it can be conducted anonymously for companies that don’t want to tip their hand about the direction they’re headed. The Technology Search has other benefits including:

  • Gives you a portfolio of options for moving forward
  • Addresses R&D gaps quickly and efficiently
  • Identifies new knowledge and expertise
  • Broadens your network of innovation partners

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Case Study:
Pepsico Designer Salt


Case Study:
Sealed Air Diisocyanate-
Free Cushioning Technology


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