Emerging technologies, changing market dynamics and new providers can have a significant impact on your innovation program, creating risks and opportunities. Understanding your technology in the context of a broader landscape enables you to look at your program and investment decisions in a whole new light.

At NineSigma, we can help you achieve your goals and provide the level of depth and breadth you need, in the timeframe you require. All projects are built around a collaborative process whereby you, the client, are in the driver’s seat. We have two options for exploring your target technology space, QuickScans and Technology Landscapes.


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The feedback we consistently hear from clients is, “This is not the ‘data dump’ I’ve received from other providers. You provide analysis and meaning which helps me to take action and make the tough decisions.” Since we work so closely with our clients and provide the meaning behind the research, we will get you to the right end point that generates maximum value for your program.

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Technology Landscaping


Case Study:
Thin Film Photovoltaics


Case Study:
In-Mold Assembly