Partner Services

NineSigma partners with best-in-class service providers to create new offerings that combine the core competencies of both partners to address a wide range of client needs.

NineSigma's value added services include:

NS² Accelerated In-Market Solutions

NineSigma and Nottingham Spirk combine their industry-leading capabilities to provide end-to-end project execution from vision to new breakthrough technology to product concept and functional prototype in a short period of time. 

By identifying new emerging technologies across all industries and aligning them with customer insights and revolutionary design ideas, NS² offers companies the potential for significant value creation.

Examples of NS² programs:

  • Develop a breakthrough new clothing design that will redefine its category
  • Reinvigorate a legacy product for a $10B+ power management company
  • Advance the package design for a critical product launch for a top 5 global food and beverage company
  • Enable one of the world's largest commercial packaging companies to enter a strategic new market

The NS² team will include key people from NineSigma and Nottingham Spirk, bringing you critical expertise and capabilities from both firms.

Psychometric Test For Innovation Leaders and Teams

NineSigma and Caliper have partnered to develop the industry's first psychometric test, the Collaborative Innovation Profile, applied to innovation and open innovation professionals.  Using the profile as a foundation, we work with the individual as well as the team to improve collaborative and co-development behavior by better understanding strengths, weaknesses and motivators.

We have consistently found that individuals who perform at high levels are those in work environments and positions that are consistent with their personality, cognitive ability, and motivational strengths. Therefore, we assess the congruence between an individual's personality and cognitive ability and their role as a Collaborative Innovation Leaders and Project Manager.

It is recommended that innovation leaders and team members take The Collaborative Innovation Profile as a starting point to identify abilities, motivations, and growth opportunities that will improve each individual's contribution to the innovation team and to achieving shared innovation goals.