Open Design ThinkingTM ​is a human-centered, iterative methodology that leverages external ideas and resources to improve the success rate of new product development. 

We believe the success rate of breakthrough new product development is essential to revenue growth, profitability and the ultimate survival of your organization. 

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Open Design ThinkingTM utilizes the following in its methodology:
  • Deep user insights into their needs
  • Ideas/resources outside your organization's four walls
  • Rapid prototyping iteration

How Open Design ThinkingTM Fits in Your Innovation Portfolio

(Open Design ThinkingTM)
Questions We know the right questions to ask We have some hunches and hypotheses and need to explore 
Answers The answers are predictable We're not sure what the best answers will turn out to be
Complexity Not very complex Many moving pieces, hard to know where to start and end
Reference Data   Analogous data exists Need to collect data and insights


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