The Managed Innovation Gallery is a fully managed innovation portal on that creates scalability and global visibility for your external innovation initiatives. With a Gallery, your company is able to post multiple needs and directly interact with experienced, high quality solution providers who can address your needs.

In 2012, after 12+ years of working closely with clients in industry, government and nonprofit organizations, we created the Managed Innovation Gallery. Galleries are fully supported by our expert open innovation teams and include regular meetings to review progress, assess solution proposals, and continually refine your needs list. Potential solution providers are alerted to the opportunity to partner with you through our proactive and ongoing technical community engagement which is at the core of our business.


You should consider hosting a Managed Innovation Gallery to…

  • Highlight needs from across your company’s business units and divisions
  • Reach quality technical solution providers with relevant capabilities
  • Create ongoing relationships with innovators within/outside your industry
  • Make your open innovation program more scalable and cost-effective
  • Publically position your organization as an innovation leader by making your needs known

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