Grand Challenge

As the world's most experienced and advanced open innovation provider, we've been managing, motivating and interfacing with technical communities to participate in innovation challenges for years. It comes as no surprise that managing a Grand Challenge is second-nature for us. We define a NineSigma Grand ChallengeTM as a Technology Search that engages both technical and stakeholder communities to identify breakthrough transformative technology development opportunities.  A Grand Challenge has a compelling prize strategy and integrated PR and marketing and is a powerful tool for raising broad awareness among multiple audiences.  A Grand Challenge is most effective when you've...

  • Established a broad PR objective in addition to having identified a technical need
  • Identified an umbrella topic that has a positive societal outcome and is broad enough to include multiple technical topics and approaches
  • Acknowledged that the solutions are so complex that both incremental and breakthrough opportunities are valuable
  • Committed to dedicating significant funding and resources
  • Secured executive commitment and visibility

“NineSigma provided a number of promising new approaches to protein stabilization that we had not previously explored. We are confident that the researchers they helped identify have much to contribute to the development of an effective AIDS vaccine.”

Wayne Koff, Chief Scientific Officer, IAVI

“The need for sustainable energy sources has never been more urgent. NineSigma share this sense of urgency, and has the scientific acument and large global networks to streamline the process of finding solutions. NineSigma was integral to our process of identifying transformative technologies, and we are now beginning the important work of accelerating them forward into the world.”

Victor Friedberg, Executive Director, LAUNCH