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NineSigma Japan has partnered with Saitama City development officers to host a unique event aimed at matching large, global corporations with the technology capabilities of Japanese small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) located in the region.

When: 6 November 2015

Where: Saitama City is located 30 minutes outside of Tokyo, Japan.

Who: Large, global organizations, small- to mid-sized Japanese companies and NineSigma Japan

How: Participating corporations seeking new technologies are encouraged to contact NineSigma to provide their needs by the end of July 2015.  NineSigma Japan and local development officers will identify potential new partners in Saitama City and coordinate one-on-one meetings at the event.

Cost: The fee for this matching service is covered by Saitama City, which allows organizations to participate in the event at no cost.

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NineSigma Japan will work with participating corporations to identify their needs before matching them to aligning Japanese SMEs at the event.

Available Technologies:
-Embedded software
-Medical device components
-Organic/inorganic materials
-Precision machining

Target Applications:
-City Monitoring
-Healthcare & Medical

Requirements for Participation:
Participating large, global organizations must have technology needs identified and matched with participating Japanese organizations.  Technology seeking organizations must also commit to participating in the matchmaking event on 6 November 2015 if a reasonable SME or university is identified.

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