White Papers & Reports

NineSigma's collection of white papers and reports are created to educate and further the collective thinking on open innovation. In addition, the reports provide actual data and findings from the innovation marketplace. 

White Papers

Download the Open Innovation paper 'Building an Innovative Innovation Team' here. Download the 'Defining Success in Open Innovation' white paper here. Download the 'Behold: The Grand Challenge' white paper here.
Download the 'OI Strategies in the Healthcare Industry' white paper here. Innovation Contest White Paper OI in Sports thumbnail
When to Dive into Open Innovation Selling your Innovation White Paper  

A NineSigma Expert Panel

Open Innovation Insights: The Solution Provider's Perspective on Open Innovation Partnerships

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Grand Challenge Guides

Download the Guide here to learn to plan, run and promote a successful Grand Challenge.

Download the Nonprofit leader's guide here.


NineSigma's 2013 Open Innovation Scorecard Survey Report

How does your company's open innovation efforts compare to others? Use NineSigma's Open Innovation (OI) Scorecard Survey Report to benchmark your company's innovation process.

Addressing every aspect of Open Innovation—from technology to intellectual property agreements to choosing and rewarding the right innovation teams—the report provides a roadmap for companies, as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations across all industries. It provides actionable recommendations for identifying gaps and achieving leading-edge results from their Open Innovation programs.