High Tech

Client: Global Manufacturing Company
Project Title: Optical Object Recognition

The Challenge:

Sophisticated applications have made mobile phones and tablets convenient tools for performing tedious or time-consuming tasks.  A Global Manufacturing Company wanted to harness the power and flexibility of a camera-equipped mobile device to measure and identify the surface features of small appliances without having to set calibrations.  The goal of the project was to develop an application that could accurately measure the front and back panels of an appliance and identify its exact features, components and product model.  With the application, manufacturers would be able to create electronic instruction manuals, providing more environmentally friendly and cheaper packaging.

Our Approach:

The NineSigma team articulated the Need in such a way that it invited proposals from a wide variety of Solution Providers outside of the Client's existing networks, including businesses, academic institutions and research groups from Europe and North America.

The Impact:

The Client selected the top three responses from the submitted Solution Provider abstracts.  Upon further discussion, they entered into a deal with Xerox, who delivered a prototype quickly and within scope.  The Client continues to move forward with the identified solution of this project and the results have exceeded expectations.


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