Food & Beverage

Client: PepsiCo
Project Title: Nanoparticle Halide Salt: Formulation and Delivery

The Challenge:

With the increased focus on health and nutrition, consumers are demanding better ingredients in their food products without the sacrifice of taste and satisfaction.  In order to meet customer needs, PepsiCo was looking for ways to reduce sodium in their Frito-Lay brand of chips without losing their salty flavor.  PepsiCo was seeking new formulation technologies for creating nano and micro-sized particles, suspending for transportation, and application and drying techniques for halide salts.

Our Approach:

Among the responses received were two US companies and one European university.  Through NineSigma's RFP process, PepsiCo was able to identify a new approach for continuous production of halid nanoparticles, with a spin-out commercial partner that could dip/coat surfaces.

The Impact:

PepsiCo and the solution provider signed a multi-year research and development agreement.  They were able to create a "crystal salt" by reducing the surface area of salt, which reduces sodium levels while still retaining a salty punch.  The integration of the new salt formulation into Pepsi's snack food products has been developed and is available in the market.

"There are a lot of productive connections out there waiting to happen.  What turned out to be a great connection for PepsiCo could have never been predicted." -Carlos J. Barroso, R&D Executive, PepsiCo (former)

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