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Infographic: Mega-Trends

Working with a diverse group of industries brings us insights and experience we wish to share with our clients to continue to aid them in their innovation efforts. We've taken that knowledge and created an infographic to inform you of the trends you need to know that are affected almost every industry. Learn about these Mega-trends and see how NineSigma has contributed to each one through this detailed infographic! 



Infographic: Innovate Fearlessly Innovate Fearlessly Infographic thumb

Let NineSigma De-Risk your innovation program by partnering with NineSigma to turn possible risks into rewards. Download the infographic to discover what risks are possible with any innovation program and how NineSigma is there to alleviate them every step of the way.





Infographic: NineSigma Open Innovation Pulse Survey Summit 2016 Pulse Infographic Thumb 2

At NineSigma's 2016 Innovation Leadership Summit, we took the pulse of our attendees by asking them 9 questions about their experience with Open Innovation. We turned the results into an easy-to-read infographic to provide a quick snapshot of just how Open Innovation practitioners utilize the tool. Download the infographic to get the insights our attendees shared.




Infographic: Survey Forecasts Growing Innovation Budgets in 2016
  harris poll 2 thumb

To succeed, innovative companies need to be decisive and fearless in opening up. NineSigma recently asked more than 300 executives at organizations with revenue of $1 billion or more about their innovation programs and plans for 2016. The survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll® in July and August. View the infographic to find out the results.






Infographic: The Economic Impact of NineSigma's 
Prize-Based Innovation Challenges

 Economic Impact

It’s no secret that Open Innovation is impacting the global economy. Based on our reporting, NineSigma’s Prize-Based Innovation Challenges are making quite the global impact of their own. See how the Innovation Challenge prize money is being distributed around the world in this new infographic! 






Infographic: NineSigma Solution Provider Survey  SP infographic thumbnail 

The Innovation, Strategy, and Organization Group and the Technology and Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen University conducted a survey in late 2014 with NineSigma solution providers who have submitted proposals through NineSigma’s Technology SearchSM process. The survey was completed by 1,193 solution providers, and the charts and illustrations are based on the data collected. 






Infographic: Open Innovation is Keeping Ohio Companies ODSA Infographic
on the Forefront of Discovery

NineSigma has partnered with the State of Ohio and its middle market
companies to accelerate innovation across industries and technologies.
Together we are… 







Infographic: If you ran a prized-based challenge in 2015,
what impact could you make?
 Grand Challenge Info Thumb

Partnering with NineSigma to conduct a prize-based innovation challenge provides you with access to the best capabilities and partners worldwide. Our strategy motivates a global community of Solution Providers that can efficiently deliver your desired technology solutions.





Infographic: Survey Shows Innovation Budgets Increasing in 2015  Harris Poll Infographic thumb

NineSigma recently asked more than 300 executives at organizations with revenue of $1 billion or more about their innovation programs and plans for 2015. The survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll from September 25 - October 13, 2014. Survey findings underscore the power of open innovation and its rising adoption.  




Infographic: Open Innovation and Sports:
Where's the Greatest Impact?
  Sports OI Infographic Thumb

Technological innovation has made a direct impact on all things sports; and this trend will continue as the entire industry is now using innovation to push the participant and spectator experience.

We surveyed leading organizations to see what advancements they believe will have the greatest impact on sports. Download our infographic to see the results.




Infographic: Is an Innovation Contest Right for You?  Innovation Contest Infographic Thumb

Many industry-leading companies are pursuing innovation contests to address their critical innovation needs. Why are they choosing this approach? We surveyed leading organizations to see why they are interested in pursuing an Innovation Contest. Take a look at this infographic to get those results and to determine is an Innovation Contest is right for you. 




Infographic: What is 3D Printable?GE 3D Infographic Thumbnail

GE taps NineSigma to push the boundaries in 3D printing through the GE Printing Production Quest: High Precision and Advanced Materials. This public challenge was hosted on NineSights to identify cutting edge technology that could produce complex parts with high precision by additive manufacturing processes, using high density, refractory metals. The following infographic highlights the Quest from start to finish.





Infographic: What Issue Facing Mankind Could What Issue
Most Benefit from a Grand Challenge?

A Grand Challenge is a formula for successfully finding a solution to worldwide problems facing mankind. In order to execute a successful Grand Challenge you have to identify the right topic. We asked the members of our community what issue they felt would most benefit from one; find out what they had to say by viewing this infographic.




Infographic: Questions to Ask Before Starting a 6Qs-infographic-thumb.png
Grand Challenge

A Grand Challenge is a highly-visible, strategic program that invites the world's best minds to apply their technical or scientific talent to a problem of world-wide significance facing mankind. It furthers the visibility, and the legacy of the organizations involved and makes a lasting impact on humanity. This infographic underscores the six essential questions that every CEO must ask before starting a Grand Challenge.




Infographic: What Is Open Innovation?OI-infographic-thumb.png

Open Innovation, also known as external or networked innovation, is focused on uncovering new ideas, reducing risk, increasing speed and leveraging scarce resources. With a better understanding of “what is out there”, a company is able to lower risk by combining external capabilities with internal innovation resources. The old question of “Why reinvent the wheel?” clearly applies, as Open Innovation enables a company to connect with someone who has already developed the technology in need or who is further along the development path.



Infographic: Our Networknetwork-infographic-thumb.png

NineSigma's global innovation network of solution providers is the largest network of its kind and spans industries and technical disciplines. We reach out to more solution providers worldwide than any other organization, and the pool of expertise continues to grow as we contact new solution providers daily with each new Technology Search.





Infographic: Our Commitment to Open Innovationourcommitment-infographic-thumb.png

Companies today recognize the value of open innovation and are eager to overcome the ‘Not-Invented-Here’ mindset that we at NineSigma found to be prevalent when we started in the early 2000’s.  But it was those selling challenges a decade ago that helped us refine our message and develop a proven methodology that coaches a client through each step of the open innovation process, from adopting an open innovation strategy to successful outcomes, like contracting with Solution Providers and acquiring new technology solutions.



Infographic: OI Readiness Survey Resultsscorecard-infographic-thumb.png

From October 2010 through September 2012 NineSigma surveyed more than 750 business and innovation leaders from across multiple industries to see how their organizations scored in terms of collaborative innovation. The survey ranked companies within their internal organization network, existing network of partners and suppliers, and the global innovation community. The NineSigma OI Scorecard tool examined organizational characteristics on two axes; the “Engage” and “Enable” axes which measured the ability to engage with innovation partners and innovation infrastructure, respectively. View highlights from the survey findings in the following infographic.