Collaborative Innovation Profile

How Innovative is your Innovation Team?

The Collaborative Innovation Profile is an innovation development tool co-developed by NineSigma and Caliper that measures personality traits and cognitive traits that have been found to be highly predictive of job performance on innovation teams.

We have consistently found that individuals who perform at high levels are those in work environments and positions that are congruent with their personality, cognitive ability, and motivational strengths. Therefore, we assess the congruence between an individual's personality and cognitive ability and their role as a Collaborative Innovation Leader and Project Manager.

Because the tasks, expected outcomes, management and team style, work environment, and organizational culture in the innovation space are often unique, an individual’s previous positions or experience may not accurately reflect their capabilities. By understanding your individual personality and motivations, we can pinpoint abilities, motivations, and growth opportunities that will improve your contribution to the innovation team and to achieving your company's innovation goals.

After completing the assessment, you will receive a special report that benchmarks your traits against the Collaborative Innovation Profile industry standard developed in this partnership.