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 Open Design Thinking Workshop
"Open Design ThinkingTM": How to Drive Breakthrough Innovation and Growth by Combining Open Innovation and Design Thinking

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What is Design Thinking?: 
A human-centered, systematic, iterative, prototype-driven approach to drive breakthrough innovation and growth.

What is Open Innovation?: 
The use of external and internal ideas to accelerate internal innovation and enhance market expansion and penetration.

Open Innovation + Design Thinking = Open Design Thinking.

Typically Open Innovation and Design Thinking are treated as two distinct paths to accelerating innovation and growth. Workshop attendees will learn how they can integrate these two strategies to create a powerful system for rapid, effective and repeatable breakthrough innovation.

Workshop Attendees Will:

  1. Learn the fundamental principles that drive success in design thinking and open innovation
  2. Discover the power behind the Open Design Thinking concept and methodology
  3. Work through a small group exercise: create a design brief and open innovation network map
  4. Learn how to apply this methodology to your innovation needs
When: April 26, 2016
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
*Workshop will be capped at 30 attendees. 

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