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NineSigma wants to guarantee you have what you need to ensure your attendance at the Innovation Leadership Summit 2016. We understand that explaining the return on investment to your supervisor may make it easier to attend, so we have provided the following information. 

Review the materials in this section to effectively communicate the benefits of the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit to your supervisor. Once approved, your registration is just a few clicks away!

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Why Your Employer Should Send You to the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit 2016: 

Education: Drawing from the top innovators in their fields, our agenda is stocked with information guaranteed to provide specific information that will aid in making your innovation program a success.

Interactive: Numerous panel discussions provide a true exchange of ideas between our speakers and our attendees.

Intimate:  Our event is intentionally intimate to ensure that our attendees have abundant opportunity to meet and speak with those they feel will be most beneficial.

Efficient: Understanding how valuable your time is, the day and a half schedule was deliberately created to maximize your experience without taking away from the important work you do each day.

Networking: With dedicated times and events, we provide ample time to meet and interact with our speakers and other knowledgeable attendees on a one-on-one basis

Team-Building: Having a number of individuals from across a department experience and exchange ideas from our event is extremely beneficial for both the company and the employees it sends. Consider attending with a group of your colleagues to maximize your experience.
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How the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit Specifically Meets the Needs of Organizations

You/Your team/

Organization’s Needs

How the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit 2016 will meet these needs:

New to Innovation/Open Innovation Education

Agenda full of cross-industry presentations taking you from the nascent stages of a company’s innovation initiatives to the success they see today. Highlights:

· Johnson & Johnson Consumer’s Innovation Journey

· Haier’s Open Innovation Approach and the HOPE Program

Learn About Today’s Hot Topics in Innovation

Presentations, workshops and panels focused on today’s hot topics. Such as:

· Open Design Thinking: Driving Breakthrough Innovation Through the Intersection of Design Thinking & Open Innovation – Preconference Workshop

· IOT Challenges and Collaboration Opportunities Across Industries

· Prize-Based Competitions Exposed

· Innovating Innovation – Is Open Innovation “Open” Enough?

· Government’s Collaboration with Industry

Interactive Education

Panels dedicated to discussing hot topics with both panelists and attendees alike. Such as:

· IOT Challenges & Collaboration Opportunities Across Industries

· Innovating Innovation – Is Open Innovation “Open” Enough?

· “Let’s Set Some Ground Rules” – Navigating the Solution Provider/Solution Seeker Relationship to mutual success

· Prize-Based Competitions Exposed

New/Different Approaches to Your Innovation Initiative

Agenda dedicated to informing attendees on a variety of approaches those most successful in this industry use. Highlights:

· Haier’s Open Innovation Approach and the HOPE Program

· Prize-Based Competitions Exposed

· Open Design Thinking: Driving Breakthrough Innovation Through the Intersection of Design Thinking & Open Innovation – Preconference Workshop


3 dedicated networking breaks, 3 networking meal breaks, Welcome Reception and the OI Champions Awards Ceremony

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Tips for Making Your Case:

  • Take a look at our registration page and note the Early Bird and 2nd tier discounted pricing to really save on our event. Plan on registering before these dates to ensure a discount and present the cost savings to your supervisor as part of your case.
  • Additional discounts may be available, so please check with your NineSigma representative. For those in the Metro Atlanta area, please check with your Metro Atlanta Chamber representative for the special discount extended to you! Be ready to present the exact amount.
  • There are many benefits that are valuable as a return on investment that you can present back to your office. Identify which ones are the best for your situation and present those to your supervisor.
  • Upon your return, set-up meetings/presentations on what was learned from the event with your relevant colleagues. Present any applicable information/recommendations that could help improve your current process. The information you share could spark even further discussion across the organization.
  • We designed the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit to ensure the time away from the office to be as minimal as possible. Inform your supervisor of the limited time away to ensure that your workflow/load will only be slightly affected. Additionally, prepare for your time away by presenting how your work will be handled while attending.
  • Held in Atlanta, the world’s biggest airport hub, your travel to and from should be convenient and cost-effective with a little research and advance booking. Be sure to do this prior to presenting your case.
  • Present a justification letter to your supervisor 
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Sample Justification Letter: 

Dear [Supervisor],
I would like to attend the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit 2016 in Atlanta, GA, April 26 & 27, 2016 to help stay on top of the newest and best innovation practices.

This Summit will allow me to [Tailor to your/your organization’s needs: learn more about innovation/open innovation/learn about today’s hot topics in innovation/interact with top innovators from across the world/find new or different approaches for our innovation initiative/network with the best innovators from across industries and around the world.] With top innovators presenting from across the world, I know I will be able to learn from and network with the best. NineSigma has created a shorter, more intimate event that allows for maximum learning/networking while minimizing my time away from the office.

I look forward to sharing my newfound knowledge and experience with this organization upon my return. I feel these sessions will be most relevant to me and our organization:

[List sessions from our agenda relevant to your professional growth and your organization’s needs]

There are discounts available if I register before [use applicable date: February 15, 2016/March 15, 2016]. Here is a breakdown of conference costs: [Insert your individualized costs here]

Roundtrip airfare/Gas & mileage costs: [$xxxx]

Transportation: [$xxxx]
Hotel: [$xxxx]
Conference Fee: [$xxxx]
Total Estimated Costs: [$xxxx]

Thank you for considering support of my attendance at the NineSigma Innovation Leadership Summit 2016.



Download a hard copy of this letter here

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Tips for Reducing Summit Expenses: 
  • Take advantage of registration discounts. Early-bird registration prices are in effect through February 15, 2016, with a second tier discount available through March 15, 2016. Additional savings are available to those living in the Metro Atlanta region and those wishing to attend with groups. Simply contact us for more information on those specific discounts.
  • Convenient and Cost-Effective Travel. Held in Atlanta, home of the world’s busiest airport, there are numerous options to flying in for the Summit, thus increasing your chances of convenient travel and reduced-cost airfare with a little research.
  • Book your hotel early. Reserve with the Westin Peachtree Plaza to take advantage of our Summit room block at a great rate.
  • Find a roommate. Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses
  • Meals are on us! If you attend all events within the preconference and conference, you will reduce your meal costs by enjoying the meals and snacks we provide. These times are, also, another great opportunity to network.