A NineSigma Whtie Paper - Open for Business - The New Innovation Contest Does More than Deliver Solutions

The race to invent, reinvent or simply improve products has become so fast and furious that traditional development processes and cycles can’t cut it. The Innovation Contest has emerged as a finely tuned Open Innovation option that delivers speed, transparency and ultimately solutions that can be applied more quickly in the market.

img-denise.jpgBy: Denys Resnick, Executive Vice President, NineSigma
Before joining NineSigma in 2008, Resnick was founder and President of TradeQuest,Inc., a consulting firm that developed and implemented international business growth strategies for global manufacturing and service companies.

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This white paper answers important questions, such as “What is an Innovation Contest?” and “How does it work?” It also discusses the benefits of an Innovation Contest from both the solution provider’s and sponsoring company’s point of view. Fill out the form above and download the white paper today.

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