NineSigma's global innovation network of solution providers is the largest network of its kind and spans industries and technical disciplines. We reach out to more solution providers worldwide than any other organization, and the pool of expertise continues to grow as we contact new solution providers daily with each new Technology Search. Our open innovation network of solution providers frequently forward the opportunities to their own professional networks making this a highly dynamic expert network that provides access to both published and non-published, as well as patented and pre-patented information. NineSigma gives Solution Providers the opportunity to partner with our Global 1000 clients and identify new applications for their science and technology solutions. Interested innovators may register online at NineSights.com to view needs and RFPs from companies of all sizes and industries. There is no cost to participate in NineSigma's innovation network. 

Our IThe Largest Open Innovation Network on the Planetnnovation Network infographic