Companies today recognize the value of open innovation and are eager to overcome the ‘Not-Invented-Here’ mindset that we at NineSigma found to be prevalent when we started in the early 2000’s.  But it was those selling challenges a decade ago that helped us refine our message and develop a proven methodology that coaches a client through each step of the open innovation process, from adopting an open innovation strategy to successful outcomes, like contracting with Solution Providers and acquiring new technology solutions.

With clients in every industry and technology sector, NineSigma has demonstrated our ability to successfully connect companies with the global innovation community. NineSigma has enabled our clients to leverage our open innovation network of external resources to solve immediate challenges, fill product pipelines and integrate new knowledge and capabilities into their organizations. Regardless whether the client is a Fortune 50 company, middle market company or global nonprofit, NineSigma helps them integrate open innovation culture and practice into their organization with our repeatable process that can be applied to any organization type with the same positive results.

Since 2000, NineSigma’s mission has been to connect companies with experts that will solve their problems. As the open innovation marketplace evolves, NineSigma is committed to helping clients achieve measurable success in their OI efforts. We will continue to evaluate and refine our service offerings to best meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Commitment to Open Innovation: We practice it 24/7/365 - 100% of the time.