Fearless Innovation

We recognize that risk is an inherent part of innovation. Risk for a company can mean not knowing if there is a better technology solution that will get them to market faster; or not understanding how an emerging technology relates to their existing products and markets; or even ‘not knowing what they know’ as a company because knowledge is not easily accessed. We developed our open innovation services to mitigate the risk inherent in innovation and enable bolder visions through access to new solutions, knowledge and partners. “Fearless Innovation” is about innovating confidently and rapidly. Fearless Innovation has multiple facets that enable confidence and are critical to achieving success. Those facets are:


NineSigma's innovation services takes your business needs to innovators that find the breakthrough technology you didn’t know existed.

Bold Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs are happening every day in companies, universities, labs, and even garages. We take your need right to those bold innovators to find solutions that you didn’t know existed or didn’t know could be applied to your need.





Providing the information needed to act on emerging technologies.

Actionable Knowledge

You are an expert in your field but do you have the information needed to relate your technology to other emerging technologies? Are you able to connect seemingly unrelated technology areas and distill broad technology domains into actionable priorities?





New solutions outside of your industry and knowledge are possible with Open Innovation.

Unexpected Connections

Being a fearless innovator means being open to solutions outside your industry and technical discipline that may radically change the way you approach your technology challenge and create a new competitive advantage you didn’t think possible.






Social innovation brings together qualified innovators to address common issues by utilizing social media.

Social Innovation

Social innovation is our collective future. The way we innovate will continue to evolve as social media becomes more sophisticated and can bring together qualified innovators to address common issues while protecting confidential information and IP.





Collaborate effectively to have unlimited access to the best ideas, solutions, and partners.

Unlimited Access to Innovators

Part of innovating confidently is having unlimited access to the best ideas, solutions and partners regardless of where those resources lie. With the right preparation and expectations, any two organizations can collaborate effectively and generate results that create mutual value.