Client Testimonials

NineSigma’s clients represent the diversity of organizations practicing open innovation today, including Fortune 500 multinational corporations, middle market companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, government, and not-for-profit organizations. A cross-section of NineSigma clients is shown below.

“NineSigma’s Technology Landscaping helped us confirm that we were knowledgeable about most of the commercialized technology in our area, but it also helped us identify key players and universities involved in emergent technologies of which we had a marginal understanding. The Technology Landscaping assessment enables a market leader to forge ahead with confidence.”

Ayana Johnson, Open Innovation Manager, MeadWestvaco Beauty & Personal Care and Home & Garden

Open Innovation Customer: MWV

“I spent months trying to find a very narrowly defined technical service provider. The service I needed was so technical, obscure, and potentially expensive that I doubted the existence of any such service provider, anywhere in the world. NineSigma found what I needed in less than six weeks. Subsequent work with the supplier has filled the gap in my project work nicely.”

Eric Johnson, Senior Research Scientist, Sappi

“We are interested in soliciting new ideas outside our own network. NineSigma provides an opportunity to reach beyond our borders and offers in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-art in clean energy at a global scale.”

Eric Newell, Chair, CCEMC


“NineSigma provided a number of promising new approaches to protein stabilization that we had not previously explored. We are confident that the researchers they helped identify have much to contribute to the development of an effective AIDS vaccine.”

Wayne Koff, Chief Scientific Officer, IAVI

“NineSigma was integral to our process of identifying transformative technologies, and we are now beginning the important work of accelerating them forward into the world.”

Victor Friedberg, Executive Director, LAUNCH


“We have chosen to partner with NineSigma to establish our Networked Innovation Program because they have an impressive track record of making open innovation work for companies like ours.”

Graeme Armstrong, Corporate Director of Research, Development and Innovation, AkzoNobel

“We are extremely pleased with the results from NineSigma. The companies and individuals NineSigma connected us to provided us with ready solutions to a materials need that we have been unable to address with our internal expertise."

Robert Finocchiaro, Director, 3M


“We use NineSigma when we are looking for alternative approaches to solve problems or where a solution from a different industry may help.”

Todd Abraham, SVP, Global Research Nutrition and Technology Strategy, Kraft Foods

“NineSigma accelerated the product development process and helped us bring more unique items to market. That helped us win at the retail level – these activities contributed to our best year ever since 2007.”

Tom Esselman, Innovation Exploration Leaders, Hallmark


A Sample of Our Clients