From NASA Tournament Lab’s efforts to increase extra-terrestrial exploration, to GE’s goal to “make the unimpossible possible,” innovation requires more than a bold vision. Organizations must bravely “open up” to those experts who can help them compete, grow and accelerate the launch of groundbreaking products or make discoveries that improve life for everyone. Today, innovation company NineSigma launched its “Fearless Innovators Podcast Series” to showcase those individuals who are advancing these goals through open innovation (OI). Using this strategy, which can speed product development by up to 50 percent, organizations gain access to a worldwide network of scientific and technical experts for pre-existing IP.
“We are excited to shine a light on those innovators who are driving change and helping organizations to increase their business value,” said Dr. Andy Zynga, CEO of NineSigma. “These individuals are a small sample of the trusted pool of experts out there with viable solutions that are ready to be incorporated into R+D processes. The podcasts will also provide insights from solution seekers whose OI programs are helping their organizations lead their industries.”
The first three podcasts highlight winners of the In-Situ Materials Challenge NineSigma managed for NASA Tournament Lab (NTL), in collaboration with the Kennedy Space Center and Swamp Works, to advance construction and human habitation in space. Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits can gain a view of the “actionable” solutions they are making available. For example, Behrokh Koshnevis, a professor at the University of Southern California with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering, has already put his knowledge to work for NASA. His proposal on the planetary fabrication of complex metallic/ceramic objects with in-situ resources was awarded first prize in this innovation challenge. Another winner, David Espinosa, had proposed a cold spray coating technology solution for a different application, and after reading about the NTL challenge, realized the solution also had potential in building and making repairs in space.
In addition, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and research labs, can gain insights about reaching organizations that are in a position to make immediate use of their technologies as well as help them enter new markets and build their businesses. For example, Patrick Donovan, using his degree in civil engineering from University of California Los Angeles, developed a solution to allow simultaneous exhaust-enabled ore reduction, separation and processing, which could help make space pioneering more cost-effective and feasible. At the same time, many solution providers are able to make a lasting impact on humankind.
“Truly what drives me is contributing my little step toward that vision of making the expansion of humanity a possibility,” said Koshnevis. “I always tell my students that they should be oriented toward making a difference in their lifetime. True value is not in how much money we make or how happy we are in life, but what we do in advancing humanity.”
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