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Ninesigma JULY 28, 2016
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Open Design ThinkingTM
Open Design ThinkingTM is a methodology that improves the rate of success in your innovation and product development programs.  

With Open Design ThinkingTM, organizations are able to strategically scan the market for game-changing opportunities and gain deep user insights, iteratively define/develop compelling innovation concepts and test those concepts in the real world. To learn more, click here and then contact us to talk through the details of your specific program. 



Harris Poll Infographic 2 SP Spotlight Featured Story

Innovate Fearlessly Infographic
Partnering with NineSigma gives you the confidence to innovate fearlessly. With our years of experience, extensive global network and proven processes, we can turn a potential risk into a reward. 

Click Here to download our free infographic to identify the potential risks ineherent in an innovation program and the ways NineSigma will mitigage those risks for a successful outcome. 

Hello, Genius!
In honor of two of our featured geniuses' July birthdays (Tesla and Mendel, fyi!), we want to remind you how NOW it doesn't stink to be a genius! Our award-winning video shares how NineSigma makes it easy for you to be a genius today by easing the many issues solution providers can have while finding a need for their technology. 

Click Here to watch the video.



Essilor See Change Challenge
Poor vision is the most common disability in the world, yet its impact on society is largely unrecognized. As the world leader in ophthalmic optics, Essilor’s mission is to improve lives by improving sight. Through the See Change Challenge, Essilor seeks proposals for low-cost, mobile, easy to learn, easy-to-use and scalable solutions that enable measurement of eye refractive errors.
Submit Your Proposal
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