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Weekly Update - March 26, 2015

Ignite - Weekly Innovation Bulletin from NineSigma
Mar 26, 2015

Featured Challenges 

GE GHG Challenge Topic II:

Improved Efficiency of Steam Generation

GE is interested in finding technologies proven in other industries to enhance steam generator efficiency in the oil sands and thereby lower both emissions and operating costs.

Deadline for proposals has been extended to April 23, 2015.


The Ohio Third Frontier Open Innovation Request

Durable, Low-Profile Electronic Field Monitoring  

A global industrial electrical products manufacturer invites proposal for a turnkey or nearly turnkey seamless hardware & software solution for asset tracking, inventory management and theft prevention of the manufacturer's products in use by customers in the field. The client would like to rebrand the solution and offer it to the market as their own.



Featured Expert Request 

Experts in Applying Engineering Information Management to Brownfield Operations 

A global natural resources producer is seeking Industrial Experts with specific experience as end users of methods and systems for managing data from brownfield and legacy data sources.



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