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Weekly Update - August 14, 2014


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August 14, 2014

Ignite - Weekly innovation bulletin from NineSigma

GHG ecomagination Innovation Challenge

GE Canada invites the best global minds to take the GHG ecomagination Innovation Challenge

GE is interested in developing a portfolio of waste heat recovery technologies that can provide immediate and long-term benefits, as well as affording a flexible array of paths for development and eventual deployment. Deadline for responses is Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

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Moisture-Resistant Coatings for Paper
A Global 500 Corporation invites proposals for natural materials, films or coatings that can act as a moisture barrier when applied to paper. Deadline for Response is Friday, August 29, 2014.
Technology For Smart Homes
Multiple leading companies are seeking technologies to create a comfortable home environment for the next generation; these include sensing technology, comfort-giving technology, and energy-saving technology. Deadline for responses is Friday, August 29, 2014.
More Opportunities: New Requests , Requests Closing Soon , Open Requests

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Solution Provider Spotlight

The Xerox Innovation Group was impressed with the ease and efficiency of working with NineSigma. Their project managers were knowledgeable and helpful from RFP response through negotiation of technology delivery with the client. The resulting project was mutually successful for Xerox and the client. We look forward to working with NineSigma and their clients in the future.
Heidi Grenek Heidi Grenek
Business Development, Xerox

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Open Innovation Requests

New Requests

Accurate Raw Materials Inventory Control

Coating Inner Surfaces of Narrow Tubes Uniformly with Ink or Paste

Innovative Components for Rechargeable Batteries or Capacitors

Innovative Hydrogen Production and Purification

Requests Closing in 1 Week

Moisture-Resistant Coatings for Paper

Renewable Energy Solutions for Seawater Desalination

Technology For Smart Homes

Visual Indication of Surface Impact Points

Open Requests

Adhesive Label that Activates Upon Application to a Surface

Clean, Functional Plant Protein Chemistry

Clear Information Display Technology

Climate Change and Emissions Management Open Call

Embeddable Strain Sensor

Long Lasting Hydrophobic Coating on Metal Surfaces

Materials for Forming Thin Films with High or Low Refractive Index

Methods to Maximize Mammalian DNA Digestion

Purifying Unstable Proteins

Reducing Campylobacter Load in Broiler Chickens

Removal of Organic Waxy Compounds from Plant Surfaces

Remove, Diminish, or Prevent Asphaltene and Calcite Blockages in Oil and Gas Production Systems

Shelf Life Extension Technologies for Artisan Breads

Technology for Non Invasive Inspection of Pressure Vessels

Technology for Realizing Intelligent Office Furniture

Tubing That Is Bendable At Room Temperature

Vehicle Camera Lenses that Need no Cleaning


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