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Weekly Update - July 16, 2014


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July 16, 2014

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Renewable Energy Solutions for Seawater Desalination - Webinar

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NineSigma will be hosting a webinar on this Challenge on Tuesday, July 22nd, at 9:00 AM EDT. We will provide an overview of the Challenge and experts from GE and Aramco Entrepreneurship Center will be available to answer your questions. To register for the event, please use the "Register" button below.


The General Electric Company and Aramco Entrepreneurship Center seeks to significantly lower the cost of seawater desalination using innovative renewable energy processes or new materials. Deadline for responses has been extended toAugust 19, 2014. To view the challenge please click here.


Forming Complex Shapes from Pre-Coated Metal
An international supplier of Container Components invites proposals for press-forming machines and tooling technologies capable of multi-step formation of complex pieces from pre-coated metal sheet without lubrication. Deadline for responses is Friday, July 18, 2014.
Liquid Pump with Variable Flow Capabilities
A Global Equipment Manufacturer invites proposals for novel materials or pump technologies that will enable the continuous and autonomous regulation of temperatures within a mechanical system. Deadline for responses is Friday, July 18, 2014.
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Solution Provider Spotlight

We were awarded a contract with a Fortune 500 company that was looking for a solution to a very challenging problem in the area of chemical detection. We proposed a unique solution and the project has been very successful. It has been a real pleasure working with our new international customer.
Phil Stimac Phil Stimac, Ph.D.
Senior Chemist
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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Clean, Functional Plant Protein Chemistry

Coarsening Fine particles in the Air by Aggregation or Adhesion

New Formulations and Processes to Manufacture Capsules Containing Flavors

Reducing Campylobacter Load in Broiler Chickens

Removal of Organic Waxy Compounds from Plant Surfaces

Visual Indication of Surface Impact Points

Requests Closing in 1 Week

Forming Complex Shapes from Pre-Coated Metal

Liquid Pump with Variable Flow Capabilities

Open Requests

Alternative Flocculation Methods for Aqueous Biogas Slurries

Climate Change and Emissions Management Open Call

Enhancing the Stability of Metal Oxides Used in a High Temperature Process

Ergonomic Design of Rotary Handle for Circuit Breaker

Formulating a Poorly Water Soluble Drug into an Injectable Solution Having a Sustained Release Profile

Technologies to Predict the Sensorial Experience of Topical Products


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