What Can You Do For Head Health?


The Head Health Challenge aims to advance the development of technologies that can detect early stage mild traumatic brain injuries and improve brain protection.

The Head Health Challenge includes two Challenge topics. Challenge I focused on discovering imaging and algorithms we believe will be able to better detect and analyze subtle changes in the brain. By providing doctors with a better understanding of the molecular and physiological changes that occur shortly after a traumatic event, we hope to help patients and bring better health to more people. This challenge is currently closed to submissions. The NFL and GE announced winners in February 2014. Click here to learn more about the awardees.

The National Football League, Under Armour and GE have collaborated to bring you Challenge II: Innovative Approaches For Identifying And Preventing Brain Injury. They will be awarding up to $10 Million for solutions that produce advancements in preventing, measuring and detecting brain injury, innovative brain protective materials and devices, and training methods that result in behavior modifications. Proposals are currently being evaluated.

Challenge II Site screenshot