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Who We Are

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) is a Calgary based start-up that was launched in June 2013 as a response to CCEMC’s Grand Challenge. CUT was formed to sequester CO2 emissions in a stable, solid form that could be sold to the market at a profit.

The company uses an IP-protected process to create graphene nano-platelets, using waste CO2 and a cheap carbon feedstock. The product can be used to reinforce construction materials, increase electrical conductivity of plastics, produce water purification membranes, and manufacture high-performance electronics.

Open Innovation Success




CCEMC Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses


1 of 24 Round One Winners


$500K grant


Carbon Upcycling Technologies resolves the unique problem of converting CO2 emissions from a liability to an asset by chemically reacting the CO2 with a solid carbon feedstock as a secondary feed. The process allows CUT to reduce CO2 emissions and produce cost-effective nanoparticles that can serve as additives in various industries.

Our approach to open innovation is to research our target markets and understand where there is need for improvement through technology. Then, we seek to form partnerships with technology and material suppliers in order to deliver a value added product.

CUT was selected from over 340 applicants in the CCEMC Grand Challenge. Since then, CUT has established relationships with groups in Calgary, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Apporv Sinha
Carbon Upcycyling Technologies

What's Next

  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies is currently scaling up the process from the bench-top scale of a few grams to a multi-ton industrial scale.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies is looking for technical and financial partners as it aims to develop a facility with a production capacity of 10 tons per year by December 2016. CUT also aims to generate sustainable revenue by mid-2017.

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