About NineSights

NineSights is NineSigma's secure, collaborative online community that connects innovators of all sizes with resources and relationships needed to drive business value. Developed and powered by NineSigma's global innovation experts, NineSights provides Solution Seekers and Solution Providers with the unprecedented opportunity for real-time partnership.

Members have access to a myriad of business-building tools including:

  • Innovation news, blogs, resources, technical discussions, and other activities
  • The ability to post technology needs and offers to the community for free
  • An option to purchase featured galleries to showcase needs or offers

In addition, NineSigma posts organizations' Request for Proposals (RFPs) in NineSights and offers paid services to assist members with defining and presenting their needs and offers to the community.

As the leader in facilitating open innovation connections, the NineSigma team recognized the difficulties facing small Solution Providers looking to market their innovations to global Solution Seekers. NineSights solves this need by being a platform where direct conversations take place between organizations of all sizes. Through the one-on-one collaboration NineSights provides, innovation can occur without boundaries.