Open Innovation as a Driver for Growth in Middle Market Companies:
What We Have Learned from the Ohio Open Innovation Incentive Model 

Ohio_ThirdFrontier_logo.jpgAs we are now well into the second decade of Open Innovation, many tools and processes have been fully embedded into the innovation agenda for large corporates. However, the tenets of Open Innovation are just beginning to be applied by middle market companies that are focused more than ever on achieving competitive advantage in an ever-changing global marketplace. The State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Open Innovation Incentive (OII) program is becoming a model for fostering rapid adoption of OI by middle market companies, and is becoming a model for other Economic Development initiatives. This ground-breaking forum will convene innovation leaders from middle market companies who are integrating OI into their innovation programs to achieve success through:

  • Accelerated development of products and services
  • Growth / job creation
  • Improved competitiveness

This interactive session will provide tangible examples from your peers on embedding OI methods and tools within the culture of a smaller organization, budgeting for OI activities even in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty, and developing expertise to effectively work with new external partners. Key components of the session:

  • Learn what motivated the State of Ohio to create the Open Innovation Incentive Program
  • Understand what is unique in OI execution for middle market companies
  • Learn best practices in creating a sustainable OI program, no matter how large or small your organization
  • Sustain momentum and create a long-term strategy, instead of merely utilizing OI for “one-off” solutions.


Kevin-Stark.jpgKevin Stark, Ph.D.,
Vice President, NineSigma

Client Panel Members:

Bill-Schalitz-photo.pngBill Schalitz,
Vice President R&D, Spartan Chemical Company (CONFIRMED)

Ohio Third Frontier Representative:

preview_mihaelaJekic.jpgMihaela Jekic, Ph.D.,
Senior Engineering Programs Manager, Office of Technology Investments (CONFIRMED)